11.07 10 [Pic] “Fugitive” Director Kwak Jung Hwan w/ a Rain sign

by jax625


The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter_Rain fans visit ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ set


The Rain fan officials visited ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ set to encourage the drama team and posed for a photo with director Kowak, with a funny placard in their hands.

The placard says, “We are grateful for such benefits we receive from Bi-neunim (Rain god)

Oh~~Bi-llelujah (Rain-llelujah) !!!

– The whole staff belonging to the International Association formed by fanatical Rain fans, in charge of the Korean chapter in Asian region – ”


credit DC

http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird



12 Comments to “11.07 10 [Pic] “Fugitive” Director Kwak Jung Hwan w/ a Rain sign”

  1. The ladies must be fans of Rain. Do anyone know what it saids?

  2. i tried to translate it on google but it wouldn’t translate,lol!

  3. @jax625 thanks for trying.

  4. @jax625 oops I posted too many times. For some reason my post would not post so I try again. How do you remove double posts?

  5. Whenever I see the director i think of kajima too hehehe

  6. @JAX
    ON the drak one on top say rain
    i could even transltion here rrggg ;shock:
    we all don”t what it say sorry ladie try enought korean block that one ahaha

  7. That is so sweet what they said on the banner. Yes his fans really appreciate the hard work Rain puts into everything he does. I know I benefit from it because he brings me joy.

  8. OMG ! ! ! how can i do haha?

    my yo-bo and my heart wearing same cloth ! ! !

  9. @kajima
    i was no to comment on this but i could help your post here AHAHAHAHAHAH !!
    tomoroow i will sent LJJ a message telling on him that kajima found a new lover and leave you on other edge ahahah !!
    u are craking me so so so bag 😆
    ROFL 🙂

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