11.07.10 [Notice] Submit your Fugitive625 Banners!

by jax625

We have had a few of our readers submit banners to us for our blog, so we wanted to take this opportunity to feature a different fanmade banner every week! (depending on the amount of banners submitted, we may feature 2 a week!). If you would like to submit your banner for Fugitive625, email us your images to fugitive625@live.com.

Here are a few guidelines before submitting your banners:

  • the banner size must be approximately 980 × 180 pixels in size
  • Fugitive625 must be visible on it as it will be our main banner
  • it must feature images of the actor(s) of the drama “The Fugitive: Plan B”
  • please sign your name (or nickname) to the banner so you can get proper credit

We look forward to your submissions! Our first banner will be posted starting on Monday ^-^


pssst, here is a blank banner for you to save to your computer if you need it!

(click to enlarge)


recently used submitted banner(s):

banner by RainInTheCloud

banner by fmrainlove

banner by ieynaraina


banner by Hikari18


9 Responses to “11.07.10 [Notice] Submit your Fugitive625 Banners!”

  1. oh ~ new banner ! LOL ~ ~

    Hello JAX ! !

    Have a nice day, Be HAPPY dear friend ^ ^

  2. Nice job, RainInTheCloud! Love the banner! I’ll submit mine sometime this week before I go on vacation! Love love love FUGITIVE625!

    Also…is there a copy of the official logo for the show? Just in case I can’t find a “clean” image.

    • @Mar I have one somewheres Mar…i’ll look for it!!!! I thought of you right away when I announced this project and was hoping you’d participate, hehe *hugs*

      @RainintheCloud thanks so much for your submitted banners! xoxo

      • Awesome! This is my homework assignment for tonight whilst doing laundry and packing for Vegas (I’ll be celebrating the 11th anniversary of my 25th birthday this weekend – LOL! I’ll be 37, which I DON’T understand because I swear I was JUST 18!). I send in my entries as soon as I finish them!

        ♥ my Fugitive625 family ♥ -Por siempre, Mar ^_^

  3. oh ! i can’t believe that you submit my own banner to this Fugitive page!!^^
    thanks a million cuz you like my banner ^^

    thanks once again^^

  4. I’ll be anticipating to see your banners, Mar! You always create such awesome work :o) BTW…TOTALLY understand your confusion with the age thing. That’s why I’m stickin with “27” every year….hahaha. Advanced Happy Birfday my labs!!!

    • @Dee – Thanks, Sis! I have some downtime in Vegas and am trolling for pics I wanna use for the banner. I wonder if Jax and the rest of the Fugitive625 staff understands that it’s gonna be a Henney heavy banner…LOL. Gotta stay true to my Boo! Might have to do more screen caps…


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