11.06.10 [Pic] The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter – Rain writing diligently

by jax625

옥상씬 찍고 렉카씬 찍기전에 ‘항상 고객님 곁에’쓰고 있는 지우
쓸수록 글씨가 작아지는 바람에 10장은 쓴 거 같다..
글씨 못쓴다는 내 핀잔과 곽감독님의 잔소리에도 굴하지 않고 열심히 쓰는중ㅋ

‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) was writing, “I’m always with you (or my customer Jinny) ( Lee Na Young)”, before shooting a wrecker scene after shooting a scene on the roof.

The more he wrote, the smaller the size of his handwriting was, so he seemed to write on each of at least 10 papers.

He was told off by me for not writing in good hand and faced some nagging from director Kowak, but he was writing diligently, standing up under the pressure. ㅋ

**These words (I’m always with you, 항상 고객님 곁에) appeared in the 12th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

http://gall.dcinside.com/list.ph … amp;page=1&bbs=

Brief translation by rain bird.


5 Comments to “11.06.10 [Pic] The Fugitive Plan B staff’s post on Twitter – Rain writing diligently”

  1. Oh that is so sweet and touching. I love the romance that is happening between them. As a couple on the show they have awsome chemistry. They make a perfect couple. They are my favorite couple. I cannot wait to see how thier romance come together as the episodes go on.

  2. Rain is a hardworker. He works hard to perfect every thing he does. I love this about his personality.

  3. that was very touching and i know rain he confort the need and feeling of other LNY was one lucky women that rain surly care of rain
    must melthing her heart afterall that very sweet of rain he sure thing to other that why i love him more then any artis and actor coz rain have full of love and heart i would and i more in love with jiwoo coz he know how to warm gril in his own hand ahahah love u much more rain jiwoo

  4. oh my god so hanhsome men & so cute I LOVE RAINNNNNNNNN foreverRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. Thats funny that people were bugging him to write the best on these papers, not like his ussuall fan signing….was that staff moonbeards? Anyway knowing Rain, I know he tries to do it perfectly…I really like that scene when Jini was in the lockup, Jiwoo orders her so much food to tell her he cares that she be comforted and that she eat well, while she then thinks of him while she is eating and is at peace for a small while.

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