11.06.10 [Pics] Ji-woo woo woooo!!!

by moonrogue

Rain always looks good 🙂



10 Comments to “11.06.10 [Pics] Ji-woo woo woooo!!!”

  1. These are some beautiful pics of Rain. How do you make these pics look like this? I just love them all.

  2. I would love to be sleeping next to him. Rain know he look sexy in white.

  3. @flower
    i would love to sleep with rain all to myself !!
    and he very shine and so sexy the lexious of rain body and flawless sking yet hot and yummy who would wanted to be in bed with rain !!
    heck yes he know he so sexy in white i love it all :P)

  4. Beauti-licious, Fanta-licious, Deli-cious !!!!

  5. Yummmmy The thin white clothes always show off Rains sexi bod too the max. 🙂

  6. @gerlie0064 I love your words so much. They perfectly descibe Rain so well.

  7. i wanna sleep with him,kiss and suck him from head to toe….

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