11.06.10 [kpoplive] Lee Na Young the Human Hanger?

by jax625

Actress Lee NaYoung is garnering quite a lot of attention these days, all due to her acting role in KBS 2TV’s drama Fugitive Plan B.

The reason for the attention is for her fancy attire as well as her solid toned body which basically allows her to pull off many types of clothing. She is able to turn any clothes into her own distinctive style, she’s like a human wardrobe hanger!

Viewers are particularly noticing her very well proportioned body as she is able to shine and stand out whilst next to her glamorous co-stars such as Rain and Daniel Henney, who are tall and have killer bodies themselves. This was also noticed at the September press conference where she stood next to the stars.

She has a small face and a height of 170cm, fans once calculated the comparison of her height with her face and it was discovered to be 8 times longer, and was praised as a “True well proportioned figure!”

Fugitive Plan B is still airing at the moment and is steadily increasing in popularity as the weeks go by due it’s thrilling plot lines. Surely a must watch!

Source: MyDaily
Translation: Julez@kpoplive.com
Written by: Shefa0007@Kpoplive.com


2 Comments to “11.06.10 [kpoplive] Lee Na Young the Human Hanger?”

  1. Yes I think she is very pretty and has a nice body. She has this mature but still young look about her. I noticed her style a long time ago. I love her style, she wears clothes very well. I love the clothes they have her wearing Also, I love how they have her and Rain dressed complimentary to ecah other. Like a true couple would dress like. I think she looks awsome standing next to Rain and Daniel. Particularily I feel her and Rain look like a very attractive couple on the show. They compliment each other in looks. You can tell they have true chemistry together. They chose the right women to play his love interest.

  2. @flower
    well said and that my estiment too differenly agreed !!
    that exzactly i feel too and i found this 2 couples making such good couple in this drtama yet the style of them both suit the drama so well and more is they both look so acomplish in this drama so far this is the best female rain coo-star with and i love so much differnly shine!

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