11/05/10][TV Edaily] Rain wins the heart of ‘Lee Na Young’ by 2 candlelights in The Fugitive Plan B’

by moonrogue

Rain won the heart of ‘Lee Na Young’ by 2 candlelights drawn on a piece of paper.

In the 12th episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ aired last 4th, while ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) and Jinny (Lee Na Young) were standing face to face with the police, Jinny decided to be captured by the police for ‘Ji Woo’ who is suspected of murder, so the two came to be far apart for some time and Jinny was put in jail, instead of ‘Ji Woo’.

Alone in jail, Jinny shuddered with fear, suffering from loneliness, but ‘Ji Woo’ brought her late-night meal while she was in jail.

He ever promised that he would throw a party when he discovered gold bars and he stuck to his word. 2 candlelights were drawn on a card delivered with the meal for her. Jinny had a lump in her throat when she recalled ‘Ji Woo’ telling her, “Let’s enjoy our party by 2 candlelights if we discover gold bars.”

She put 2 paper candlelights on the cake and enjoyed her party as his heartfelt behavior moved her.

At the same time, ‘Ji Woo’, with 2 paper candlelights in front of him, was also eating Kimbab in his car, looking at the police where Jinny was held.

The scene that showed each other enjoying their parties while thinking of each other, was heartwarming.

Love was seen blossoming between the two, as her heart that had been closed shut was seen to open by the paper candlelights.

Netizens saw the epsode and wrote their comments, “I was so impressed by the paper candlelights brought to Jinny by ‘Ji Woo’.” “It was the best scene today”, “The candlelights were made of paper, but they seemed to be really glittering.”

Meanwhile, producers of the drama have been forced to turn a scene involving femme fatale Mijin played by ‘Yun Son Ha’ actually injured in a traffic accident last 30th, into her missing after a night of gunfire, which attracted the attention.

credit to TV Edaily http://news.nate.com/view/20101105n03025

Credit: Ratoka


3 Comments to “11/05/10][TV Edaily] Rain wins the heart of ‘Lee Na Young’ by 2 candlelights in The Fugitive Plan B’”

  1. OMG this is the most romantic thing ever!!! I have not seen the episode yet but I am so emotionally touched by just reading about and seeing the pictures of the scene. This drama is so dam awsome. I look forward to seeing each episode. I cannot wait until episode 11 and 12 is eng sub.

  2. Oh Ji Woo… Isn’t that so sweet of him? That was one romantic scene!

  3. That’s so romantic scene..Ji Woo really knows how to thread woman..I hope Jinny touched with everything that Ji Woo did to her…

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