11/05/10[Pic]The Fugitive Plan B_EP12 cap picture(slideshow)

by moonrogue

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Credit: DC/Ratoka


3 Comments to “11/05/10[Pic]The Fugitive Plan B_EP12 cap picture(slideshow)”

  1. Ji Woo and Jin make the perfect couple. They look so good together. I think it is so sweet and cute that they dress them in coordinating colors always. Just like a couple would dress. I am loving watching the romance between them slowly come out. This is a romance made in heaven.

  2. @flower
    i could say anything more
    u just stole my words ahahahh i agree differnly ramance in heaven it LNY staring to fall for rain and i so prouds that rain stole her heart yes!! in this fugitive these 2 couples so match i love everytime i see rain & LNY together reder joke seriou ot irrating or not they pull it off so good together and i am dying to epi 13 right away ahahah 🙂

  3. oppsi :oop: i mean ROMANTIC ahahah

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