11.05.10 [Fanmade MV.] Fugitive PlanB Forever ♥# 2

by kajima


Fugitive PlanB Forever ♥ ♥ ( 3 HOT Guys and my yo-bo) haha ~


17 Comments to “11.05.10 [Fanmade MV.] Fugitive PlanB Forever ♥# 2”

  1. Hello Jax,kongsao,flower,tjrachel and everyone ~

    Hope you enjoy my MV. ^ ^

    Have a great weekend !!!!!!!!!

    • another great MV Kajima!!!!! You know, I luv LJJ before Fugitive but I heart him even more in this drama @.@ super smexy detective! Thanks for loving the director and passing LJJ onto me, heheheheh! Have a great weekend Kajima! xoxo’s

      • @ Jax ! !Thanks so much my dear ! !

        and this is for you haha!

        update pics of LJJ today on leejungjin.org hahaha ~
        (thanks to my admin kimdaiphong ! !)

  2. @Kajima You took me by surprise to see you send me a hello. That was so sweet and hello back to you!!! I love the video so much. You did an awsome job. I love the song you chose. Who is the singer of this song? This may be a stupid question but what does MV stand for? Does it stand for movie. People use so many abbreviations that it is hard to keep up. Once again awsome video. Have a great weekeend.

    • oh ~ @flower !

      i really appreciate your supporting to JAX and “fugitive625.wordpress.com”

      i’m never miss all your comment but so sad of my bad Eng.! ! !

      i can’t reply to you all haha ~

      And big thanks for your sweet comment to me hehe ~

      this is my favourite artist ” Marc Anthony” and song name ” Tragedia “

  3. i wants say love more more rain i miss you so -moxisoyo

  4. Kajima…which one’s your yeobo, again? Just teasing you! I know you love, LJJ!!! Lovely vid, too…only got to watch part of it on my phone. Will try to watch it when I get home from work. I hope you have an awesome weekend, Kajima! Great work, as always my dear!!! ^_^ Love & hugs ~Mar ♥

  5. hahaha kajima…you just made my day…Your yobo sure is cute and smart, but can we share your yobo sometimes? don’t worry your yobo is safe with us hahaha…

    LJJ is Jax’s so hands off too hahaha…but i’d love to taste that ramen of his that made Rain fell for him hahaha

  6. @kajima
    i love marc Anthony song wooot he very sexy iit use to be my idol before and the fandame u make just blow me away again ahahah i very like the vid very nice done my firend!
    and kajima
    i though your yobo
    it director only does u announce that to us already ha ha ha !!
    then i have to LJJ & rain to my yobo itself and yet rain for 27/7 and LJJ too rain can make kimichi and LJJ can make ramen for me all all share to whille i am a romantic dinner with a good soju ha ha ha !!

  7. @Kajima isn’t Marc Anthony J-Lo husband? If this is the same person I like him. He is a very good singer and actor. I did not recogonise his voice on this song. This song is hot. What do yeobo and mv stand for? If yeobo means what I think it does then Rain would be my yeobo 100% ,24/7.

  8. @FLOWER
    ekekek rain alway my darling or husband darling man in my life forever even though it only in my dream but my heart goes out to only RAIN yebooooooooooooooooooo !!

  9. Thank you ~ Jax,Mar,Kongsao,flower,pluie625,nhu y

    We’re friends Forever. ^^

  10. Oh…Kajima, this is really beautiful…just saw it. Hope you’re having a nice Saturday night. Btw,saw LJJ in Love Story in Harvard…love the drama and his acting in it. Have a great Sunday too!

  11. @Kajima thanks so much for the Marc Anthony video. I love the song, it is very hot. The video was great too. I also love your post above. Yes we are friends. I had asked what does MV stand for? Does it stand for movie. Have a wonderful Sunday.

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