11.05.10 [allkpop] Daniel Henney reflects on the vibrant city of Seoul

by jax625

Earlier today, actor Daniel Henney from KBS’s “Fugitive posted a short vignette video regarding his experiences and views about his new hometown, Seoul.

Daniel Henney arrived in Seoul five years ago and made his acting debut in the popular MBC drama “My Name is Kim Samsoon“. He reflected, “Being here has been an amazing personal journey… I’ve discovered the actor inside of me.” As he takes the viewer through a whirlwind tour of what Seoul means to him, the actor finished up with, ”Seoul is not just a city, it’s a place where amazing things can happen. Just like they had for me.

Check out the video below!

credit: chloejn@allkpop

Source: Daniel Henney’s Facebook


2 Comments to “11.05.10 [allkpop] Daniel Henney reflects on the vibrant city of Seoul”

  1. This video is bittersweet for me…it makes it sound like he’s not coming back to the US again for a while. *insert appropriate crying icon here* WAAAAHHHHHH

  2. Lol, Mar! I know…I miss breathing the same polluted air with him…hahaha! L.A. just isn’t the same without him AND Martin ^_^

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