11.03.10 [dramabeans] Runaway alters scripts in wake of actor accident

by jax625

Runaway’s resident bitchy mastermind Yoon Son-ha (okay, she’s more of a bitchy middle-manager) was recently in a car accident. Initially all sides had asserted that her accident would not affect the drama at all, but the writer-PD duo have decided to write her out of the upcoming scripts because she is not yet able to resume filming.

Yoon’s character, Professor Hwang Mi-jin, doesn’t have a very action-intensive role — unlike, say, leads Rain or Lee Jung-jin, who are forever running, fighting, and flashing their muscles — but it sounds like her accident was pretty serious. Her injury required surgery that drove a metal pin through her leg, between the pelvis and thigh.

MINOR SPOILER: According to the chief producer of the drama, the Mi-jin character will get caught up in a different plotline that takes her out of this main storyline, and her character will leave. He stated that they’ve taken care to keep it within the flow of the story, and added that if her health improves, she will be able to return later on. END SPOILER

Personally, I think this is as good a time as any for her character to be written out. Mi-jin played a somewhat important role through last week’s episodes, but it seemed like she would have naturally faded back anyway as the drama heads into its second half with this week’s episodes.

Via Hankook Ilbo

credit: javabeans @dramabeans.com


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