11.02.10Rain and actor ‘Jung Seung Kyo’ become friends during

by kajima

[02-Nov-10][Korean Economy]Rain and actor ‘Jung Seung Kyo’ become friends during ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ shoot.


‘Jung Seung Kyo’, originally a model, is an actor playing a character called ‘Lee’ who is a police detective and one of ‘Do Soo’s (Lee Jung Jin’s ) inferiors in a unit of foreign, in KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.

‘Jung Seung Kyo’ who has been a huge fan of Rain since even before his debut (‘Jung Seung Kyo’s debut), expresses how he has become friends with Rain while meeting him (Rain) in person during the drama shoot.

Bowing to ‘Jung Seung Kyo’ very politely, Rain passed a friendly remark to him (Jung Seung Kyo) by saying, “I’ve heard you are old enough to my elderly brother (hyung)” as if Rain read ‘Jung Seung Kyo’s mind where meeting him (Rain) for the first time was very awkward so he (Jung Seung Kyo) cowered before Rain and was unable to speak.

‘Jung Seung Kyo’ said that at that time Rain was very considerate of his (‘Jung Seung Kyo’s) feelings, placing abalone on top of his (‘Jung Seung Kyo’s ) rice by saying, “It’s good for you”.

credit to Korean Economy http://news.nate.com/view/20101102n07226

Brief translation by rain bird.


5 Responses to “11.02.10Rain and actor ‘Jung Seung Kyo’ become friends during”

  1. is he the one in the middle?

  2. @Melis, I’m pretty sure he is the one in the middle, because

    he looks like he can be a model.

  3. @all
    yes that one in the middle
    i actually like him he not learing to became rain forend but also his fans of rain too i impress that he is founding good firendship with rain i mean make good firendship with everbody in this FUGITIVE yet very confort to each other this sis very good news and i love to hear rain make more firends !

  4. Rain is such a friendly kind person. It was nice that Rain made the effort to make him feel comfortable.


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