11.02.10 [TwitPic] Lee Jung Jin with Yoon Son Ha @ Hospital

by jax625
~GET WELL SOON YOON SON HA! Thanks so much for posting this @RunJungjin!!!!

손하누나한테다녀왔어여 다행히 빠른회복을보이시구 있으셔서 병상에서두 스텝들과 드라마걱정을하시구…. 빨리복귀하실수있도록 응원해주세요 http://twitpic.com/337ky3
(eng trans by Supermar@allkpop)

I came to see Yoon Ha noona. It’s very fortunate that she had a quick recovery. Despite being in the hospital, she’s still worried about the staff and the drama. I hope she returns quickly.

source: @RunJungjin //Lee Jung Jin


8 Comments to “11.02.10 [TwitPic] Lee Jung Jin with Yoon Son Ha @ Hospital”

  1. Get well soon ” Yoon Son Ha”

  2. Goodness…just feel so bad for her! Praying for a speedy and full recovery for her!

  3. I hope she get well soon. I look forwrd to her returning.

  4. Hello Lee Jung jin ‘ u so sweet i see you visit yoon Ha at the hospital i took a time seeing her i know u suport her allot please get well soon thank u for suporting your cool cast LJJ u making me touching alot !!

  5. Tthis is really nice of Lee Jung Jin. Get well soon Yoon Son Ha.

  6. aww i think it so sweet that the cast came to visit their cast mate in the hospital you can really tell they all love each other ,in the US actors never do this for each other . this is why this make me feel warm

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