11.01.10[News]’The Fugitive PlanB’starring Rain is a more realistic political

by kajima

[PD Journal]’The Fugitive Plan B’ starring Rain is a more realistic political drama than the other.

PD ‘Kowak Jung Howan’ and dramatist ‘Chun Sung Il’ are an immortal duo none the more.

The drama’s ambiguous love story and its flooding the market with its first class action scenes in its beginning, have proved to be fake.

As the drama is now at its height, its plot line’s original intention has turned out to express the slave of the capitalism to protest against capitalist rule. This was well brought out in the 10th episode of the drama aired on the 28th.

The episode has gone from witty action comedy plot to classical revenge one deeply involved with the social, which marks a new phase. The death of ‘Ji Woo’s source ‘Jang Sa Bu’ (Gong Hyung Jin) has added a new twist to the case.

Jang Sa Bu’ said to ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain), brutally bleeding to death while all his blood had coagulated, “I’m dying because of you ( ‘Ji Woo’). You’ve set me to work like dogs.”

Jang’s death made ‘Ji Woo’ take a backseat from his life. Ji Woo’s every opponent had been the way of raising money in calculating profits for him.

  Ji Woo’ who had lived in that way, was inspired by the death of ‘Jang Sa Bu’ and was wakened to the root of all evil, which was a great eye-opener for him.

Ji Woo’ found that the money, a direct indication of huge forces with vested interests, he had always admired, was the root of all evil. It was apparent that ‘Ji Woo’ inherited the spirit that had helped his father’s life, like ‘Ji Woo’ once said, “My father told me, saying ‘You unconditionally shall oppose because they are left leaning.”

But, the contours of ‘Ji Woo’s life was reshaped as the important people to him was murdered by the Megideck organization’s boss ‘Yang Du Hee’ (old man)

Ji Woo’ who had been enslaved by money, declared ‘Yahng Du Hee’, the symbol of established institutions, that he would be going head-to-head with ‘Yahng Du Hee’, saying, “I’ll kill all of you!”

That is more of a description of his betrayal when he found out the truth about the established institutions he had admired, than just a revenge attack.

  A major part of the plot in this drama revolves around the representation to understand the status of a subject enslaved by power instead of being elite in established institutions.

‘Yang Du Hee’, the embodiment of capitalistic power, killed his rivals to monopolize gold bars, abusing governmental authority to hide his embarrassing part, and trying to make his son become President, which shows an example of a living power.

‘Yang Du Hee’ who normally rode around in a wheelchair, shocked the viewers even by showing his jumping out of the chair to hear the news about the completion of the prosecution’s investigations.

  The Fugitive (Ji Woo) who ever tried to achieve rank and power, too, can’t run away any more, so he begins to make a choice to “beat the system”. His reckless challenge is something to think about for people like us who have lived, falling on hard financial times.

That’s why you can say ‘The Fugitiv Plan B’ is a more realistic political drama than the other one on at the same time, where it is cringe worthy watching the cast speak.

credit to PD Journal http://www.pdjournal.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=29396#

Brief translation by rain bird.

Special Thanks ratoka


One Comment to “11.01.10[News]’The Fugitive PlanB’starring Rain is a more realistic political”

  1. This drama has been from the beginning and continue to be worth watching. This is an excellent drama were every episode should be watched. I for one cannot get enough of it. I cannot wait to watch it evey week. I am so glad that it continue to get praised for it being and excellent awsome drama. I like that they are poiniting out that the drama storyline has a deeper storyline than originally thought. Also, I definitely like how they continue to point out the awsome acting job that Rain is continuely doing. I just love this drama so much.

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