10.31.10 [HanCinema] Lee Jeong-jin sent a serious comeback message in ‘Qualification of Men’

by jax625

In the episode of ‘Qualification of Men’, which went on air on the 31th, Lee Jeong-jin, who couldn’t participate in this program for a month due to ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.

Lee Jeong-jin couldn’t possibly join for ‘Qualification of Men’ due to the foreign shooting of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’. He was entirely out from group shooting and barely did personal scenes.

On that day, other members of ‘Qualification of Men’ greeted Lee Jeong-ji with joy. Lee Yoon-seok said, “I’m so happy to see you. I always saw you in TV but right now I’m meeting with you face to face.” Kim Seong-min said, “I’m so glad that all seven member of ‘Qualification of Men’ finally got together.”

Lee Jeong-jin, who felt little bit embarrassed after other members’ greetings, sent a personal comeback message to the viewers due to Lee Kyeong-gyo’s suggestion. He said, “I’m finally back after all the location changes. I will do my best on everything from now on.”

But other members made fun of his seriousness.

Credit: HanCinema


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One Comment to “10.31.10 [HanCinema] Lee Jeong-jin sent a serious comeback message in ‘Qualification of Men’”

  1. Happy to watch LJJ.appearance on this programme again !

    Thanks so much for posting Jax~^*

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