10.31.10 [Pics] Rain on “The Fugitive: Plan B” set

by jax625

**3rd UPDATE w/ more pics!**

credit: b4 + DC


7 Comments to “10.31.10 [Pics] Rain on “The Fugitive: Plan B” set”

  1. ahahahah jiwoo this must be on 30th and shooting in the morining i see coffee and yet cold too ahahah rain love your out alot differenly very so ruggudely handsome .

  2. Be Happy,Be Good health ” Rain”

  3. Rain is one hot looking man. Even when he is dress casual like in these pics he still look hot. When they made fitted jeans they had him in mind. He has a very sexy firm looking but.

  4. hmmm, why is the song ‘Baby Got Back” playing in my head????? ^o^

    • @jax625 OMG!!!!! you are so hilarious!!!!!! But I could not have come up with a better song. Man that should be his official theme song. Every where he go that song should come on. From now on any time I see his butt that song is going to pop in my head. Thanks for the sound track for me to play over and over in my head when I think of his hot sexy butt literally.

      • HAHAHAHA!!!!! I am glad I didn’t offend with that comment, hehe….yes, this song plays often when I see the “bum” @.@ I am glad I can pass this along! ^o^ xoxo’s

      • Hhahaha lol I was scared that I would be the only one who was looking at his butt lol!!! I was feeling like a pervert “ahjumma” in her 50th !!!!lol!!!! Ps: Rain is a fu….. sexy guy!!! ^^

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