10.30.10 [News] Rain Fugitive PlanB ‘Ji Woo’s miscellaneous knowledge player attracts

by kajima



[Expo News]‘Ji Woo’s (Rain) miscellaneous knowledge player attracts the attention.

**Ji Woo’s miscellaneous knowledge player (known as “As long as anyone can give me a lot of money”)

No.1. The Bible

No.2. Nonpossession (本來無一物)

No.3. Water Jet.

No.4. Opera and Musical

No.5. The amounts of caffeine in a cup of coffee are about 85 milligrams.

No.6. 46 seconds.

No.7. Emotion belongs to the region of the brain.

No.8. Tango.

No.9. Banning something is banned.

No.10. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

No.11. Love

No.12. Mahatma Gandhi.


 A player which shows the miscellaneously vast and curious learning of ‘Ji Woo’ who is the main character Rain plays in KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, attracts the attention.

As a private detective armed with miscellaneously vast wisdom, not with scientific reasoning, ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) has stated variously miscellaneous knowledge and information for Jinny (Lee Na Young) and Kai (Daniel Henney).

It has resulted in ‘Ji Woo’s miscellaneous knowledge player. The player is composed of 12 sections filled with ‘the Bible’, ‘nonpossession’ (本來無一物), ‘Water jet’, ‘the amounts of caffeine in a cup of coffee’, ‘a famous saying about marriage’, ‘the mystery of moon’, etc.

Netizens are responding enthusiastically to the player after seeing it, “What a knowing person ‘Ji Woo’ is!” “Hope to see more of his miscellaneous knowledge even in the future.” etc.

Meanwhile, in the drama’s 10th episode aired on the 28th, ‘Ji Woo’ cried his eyes out as he saw his source ‘Jang Si Bu’ dying a horrible death, which attracts the viewer’s attention.

credit to Expo News http://news.nate.com/view/20101029n09234?mid=e0101

Brief translation by rain bird.

Special thanks ratoka

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