10.30.10 [News] Fugitive PlanB Cast “Yoon Son Ha” injured in a car accident

by kajima

[30-Oct-10][allkpop]Fugitive” Yoon Son Ha injured in a car accident


After it was revealed that it was unavoidable for actress Yoon Son Ha to undergo surgery, many have been wondering whether she would be leaving KBS 2TV’s “Fugitive: Plan B.”

Yoon Son Ha was in a rear-ender car accident on her way home after completing her filming for the drama on the morning of October 30th. Although she received treatment at a hospital nearby, she must receive surgery for her fractured leg.

A representative of the drama stated, “Her doctor has informed us that it is crucial for her to undergo surgery. The filming set to have taken place on the afternoon of the 30th was canceled.”

The possibility of her leaving the drama has been raised due to her surgery, leaving the drama with many plot holes should she actually leave. Representatives have revealed that the producers are currently in heavy discussion over the situation.

Yoon Son Ha will be going in for surgery on the 31st and will be needing over a week of recovery.

Source VITALSIGN/ allkpop


7 Comments to “10.30.10 [News] Fugitive PlanB Cast “Yoon Son Ha” injured in a car accident”

  1. hope she get well soon ! !

  2. OH NOOOO! I’m hoping and praying her surgery goes well and that she’s able to continue her role because she’s doing such an excellent job!

  3. Oh, so scary! I love this actress! Even though her character is not nice, you can tell through her personal blog and pictures that she is very caring and sweet person. I hope she will recover soon!


  4. I hope she get better soon. I like her acting and she really delivers her role as a bad ass chick. Hopefully they won’t eliminate her or kill her in the drama coz her acting was really good that you want to pull her hair from making jiwoo and jinny suffer but I want to see more of her in the drama. Her role has a big significance in this drama so hopefully they’ll shift to something else while she’s in the hospital and on recovery.

    Get well soon miss Yon son ha.

  5. Oh No! I wish her s speedy recovery. And I hope she doesn’t
    leave the show. She was great as the bad chick. =(
    Please get well.

  6. oh NOoooooooooooooo!!!
    she very sweet person i read that news of her yesterday i was shock !!
    i hope she sucessfuly recover.
    i like her character she is good actress as well she maybe bad but in fugitive it suit her character so good she is very good actress PLEASE get well soon we all care for u !!

  7. Even though her character is evil I like her as an actress. Her acting has been awsome. I hope she recover fully and soon.

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