10.30.10 [ExpoNews] Rain & Lee Jung Jin, “A Match Made in Heaven”

by jax625

Watch the video here >>


It has been released that both Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ playing their parts enthusiastically by being engaged in a breathtaking chase in KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, appeared in MBC TV’s show program ‘Match Made In Heaven’ (in 2002), which attracts the attention.

In Ssireum match (Korean-style wrestling), the two met in the final set after Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ beat ‘Jung Jae Yong’ and ‘Park Kwoang Hyun’, respectively. They decided to play the best of three games.

An extremely close competition between the two was anticipated because they were pretty much of the same build and were very athletic, but Rain dominated.

Rain dominated his opponent ‘Lee Jung Jin’ with a preemptive strike, and won the men’s Sireum final.

‘Lee Jung Jin’ who was surprised by Rain’s preemptive strike, was too panicked to do win a game in the final set, and was defeated.

Netizens who saw the video clip showing the two doing Ssireum match, responded to it, “They look so young and fresh” “It is surprising that they have such a connection.” “Since then, maybe ‘Lee Jung Jin’ has chased Rain.”

credit to Expo News http://news.nate.com/view/20101030n07232?mid=e0101

Brief translation by rain bird.

cap by me ^-^, video credit as tagged


6 Comments to “10.30.10 [ExpoNews] Rain & Lee Jung Jin, “A Match Made in Heaven””

  1. I cannot view this video. Do anyon have a link where I can view this video?

  2. @jax625 thanks for answering my post. When I click on the link you posted everything is in Korean. I have no ideal what to click on. The video do not automatically appear. Can you tell me what I should be clicking on?

  3. @jax
    same question i could even opoen this link for the vedio either can u help us or uploading into youtube please i wanted to watch this 2 i never see this before not even know these been in a show together !!

  4. @jax625 were you able to open this video up? I was never able to open it up. Is there another link were this video is posted?

  5. @Jax625 were you able to ever open this video up because I was never able to do so?

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