10.29.10 [Info] Lee Jung Jin’s Official Twitter – @RunJungjin

by jax625

It was recently brought to my attention that Lee Jung Jin has…a Twitter?! (thanks CloudyMJ!) …I started to do my research and didn’t have to look far ^_^ LJJ is being followed by none other then Rain (@29rain) himself!

Welcome to Twitter Lee Jung Jin…so happy to see you!

Lee Jung Jin's Twitter Pic ^-^

** Lee Jung Jin also has a ‘itgling’ acct:  http://www.itgling.com/jjlee

18 Comments to “10.29.10 [Info] Lee Jung Jin’s Official Twitter – @RunJungjin”

  1. Ahhhhhh! He has such cute little toes! LOL ^_^

  2. @Mar…I was thinking the same thing @.@

    I am so excited right now….wowowowow, mind overload! HAHA! I wonder what Kajima thinks, hehe

  3. @ JAX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bravo ! ! ! ! ! !

    I can regist and leave message already hahaha


  4. @ JAX ! ! ! !

    you really my best friend ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! ! ! !

    Thank you so much dear! ! !

    Are you tried my friend ? HAHAHAHA

    • LOL…I LOVE this pic of the squirrels! We have squirrels in our backyard and I always laugh so hard when they lay down on top of the fence like that, especially during the summer. It’s like the heat just zaps all their energy and all they can do is just lay down with their arms & legs hanging over the edges. It’s hilarious to see in person!

  5. hahaha, kajima, your so funny! it seems he has had twitter acct for awhile and lots of Rain fans are following him…how could they keep this secret @.@ i registered at the other site but don’t know how to become fan of LJJ on there…so confusing >.<

    Miss u Kajima…I do not see you on MSN these days TT^TT

    Have a great weekend everyone! It is Halloween weekend here in USA!


  6. Halo JAX ) ) ) ) Are you around here ? Do you have something to talk with me on msn ?

    MiSS you too my friend.i don’t know much but i try to post hahaha


  7. @kijima
    i FOLLOW LJJ on twitter i hope he confrim me too glad to see him their now he with rain hyung too ahahah best firend remind ekekekem

  8. @ Kongsao ~!!^^*

    Thanks so much my friend.

    Please follow up him directly on here ~


    and me


  9. wow ~ Jax ! ! ! Surprised !! Thanks so much ^ ^

    you done it completely,i saw my name on your channel !

    please click at connect botton @ ljj too hehe ~!!^^*

  10. @kajima
    hey dear i don”t understand this site i click ijjj
    it bring me to this link
    and what was i supost to do and how to follow LJJ
    hey i need your turtiour here can u help me please
    hey do u have MSn can i add u and we talk from their

  11. @ Jax ! sorry i don’t understand all but i done it by this way.

    1. Click http://www.itgling.com/jjlee

    and then choose his message and find this button to leave comment to LJJ.

    2. after click it will show blank for comment and check box to ljj and don’t forget check box to me too haha ~

    3. send comment.

    4.bookmark ljj.message to your channel.

    Last message from LJJ.

    ***** Finally , Succesful to contact Lee Jung Jin ^ ^********

  12. okay kajima how do you register if you if the language is korean?

  13. Hello Jax, Kongsao

    Great ! ! Mr.Lee Jung Jin follow up your channel already my friend ! !

    @ Jax

    @ Kongsao

  14. @ Everyone who interest follow up Lee Jung Jin ^ ^

    @ tanio

    Glad to meet you here, OK.dear Please follow LJJ.directly here ^ ^


    and then…find this button for regist.!

    and this regist form.

    if you can’t do it please let me help you more! thanks ^ ^

  15. Hello JAX, Kongsao))))))))

    where are you friends????????

    OMG!!!!!! Lee Jung Jin!!!! i believe he saw our name on itgling.com ^ ^*

    Oh..Jax,Kongsao..I want to HUG* you now~~~~~

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