10.28.10 [popseoul] The Cursing Controversy In The “Fugitive Plan B’!

by jax625

Viewers complained about curse words that have appeared in the popular KBS drama.
In the “Fugitive Plan B“  episode which aired on October 28th, there was an action scene whereRain had to fight a few detectives in order to escape.

The problems were the curse words with the following phrases: “Ah XX”, “Ah XX”(words omitted)

The words the detectives actually shouted weren’t censored in the episode. A writer of the drama explained,“According to the script, they shouldn’t say any cuss words”.

Audiences commented:

“I feel unhappy about that”

“It wasn’t appropriate for public TV”

“They should pay more attention during the editing process”.

Are you annoyed by the occurrence of foul language in dramas?

Source: Nate

Credit: roryg2008@popseoul


15 Comments to “10.28.10 [popseoul] The Cursing Controversy In The “Fugitive Plan B’!”

  1. I have not seen this episode. Based on what was written above I cannot make out what words were said. But in general unless this was an every episode occurance and depending on the curse word. I would not be bothered by this. It would take something more foul for me to be that really annoyed. This drama is aired at a time where adults should be watching. Not saying that adults want to hear cursing but something like that is not so bad.

  2. As a proficient & prolific cusser…it doesn’t bother me. Plus it’s not during primetime…I wonder if the complaining parties never cuss. LOL

  3. oh geez don’t act like koreans don’t swear on the daily.. he’s fighting yeah OH *** is coming out hahaha Things are going good ..people just want something to complain about, it’s like breathing. A complaint must be made at someone point on everything.

    • I agree people just want something to complain about. Like I stated above in so many words it is not a big deal. It does not bother me. Also, It is not like it is something they have been doing every episode. Come on people stop complaining about nothing.

  4. that was stupid…why do they keep digging little things and make it bigger???…and that’s not even a foul word!…I always hear that expression on Koreans whenever they are irritated…”ahhiishh”…what’s wrong with that???
    do they want to hear cursing??….then let them watch hollywood action films…that is called cursing!…LOL

  5. What does ahhiishh stand for? What curse word is this anyway?

  6. Are we sure this was said? Popseoul is not the most credible of sites and I can imagine what those comments were sayin….but if true what prudes..comeon. I did hear one detective in the mist of a lot of Korean words say
    “yu mudderfudder!” I was laughing..it came out so cute. lollsss.

  7. OMG these peoples very wanted to complain period have nothing to say act like they did say sich*
    to other outside their mouth plus i think it good to the story line even and i think that was so stupid and keep put fire on the hotline this redicious think i ever hear WELL EXCUSE ME !!
    u peoples probuly worse then u see in this drama plus so waht if rain slip this CUSS…..<– out from his it making it good i like it and i don"t even found it anyoed at all SO MY ADIVISE to u peoples JUST SHIUT UP!! and enjoy this drama and the drama alone it so good don"t even try to bring this FUGITIVE down over nonnsene cuss… OH MY LORD what crazy news today!! afterall watching it bam another rude across the ear pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……!!
    assssiiihhhhhh…………… what wrong with rain saying that words it not like he come in fromt your face and cuss the crap out u HELLO words don"t know you that??

  8. no biggie… as long as it ain’t rain cursing 🙂 still, i don’t give a hoot!!!!!!!!! c’mon! That’s lame! I bet antis are so happy now! hehehe 😀

  9. i agree, swearing doesn’t bother me for one…i have 4 brothers and come from a fishing community! hahahahaha

    …also, i find it hard to believe that Korean tv would let really offensive curse words slip by when they ban music videos left and right for stupid stuff! I remember Hyori’s video was pulled cause she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt @.@

    and btw I say ‘aish’ ALL the time, bahahahahahahaha…is that a swear???? ooops ^-^

  10. Is the curse word suppose to mean sh*t? Actually I think somebody said the same word in an earlier episode already. Do not quote me but I think thats true. Where are they getting these comments from? Are these comments coming from people on the internet, like from (twitter, facebook, ect.). The complaining is stupid. There is nothing to complain about. Personally it would not have bothered me even if Rain slipped a curse word out. This drama is not shown during primetime and adults should be watching it only. So no biggy.

    • I did some research and found an answer on yahoo answers:

      [Q] In Korean, what does “Aish!” mean?

      [A] 아이씨….뭐야(common girl saying) = Oh come on, that’s not true

      if someone says

      아이씨 젠장 (Aisshi jenjahng) = crap darn

      “It doesn’t really have a direct translation imo. If you use it when you’re frustrated then it is a bad word but you need the context to know whether the word makes it a bad word or not. The first case when a girl used isn’t too bad.

      If you use the F word per se, it will always be a bad word. Aisshi is a type of word where it depends on the context. Hope it helps.”

  11. Wow, this is hilarious to me. Rain’s countrymen’s hair would stand STRAIGHT UP if they ever watched American tv or movies? We cuss on the regular. Hey it’s a part of life as we know it. The characters in this drama are either running or fighting for their lives, is it really implausible to think that OH SH__T! would fly out of someone’s mouth in situations like that?!

    The things they make a controversy over in Korea is really mind boggling to me………Their “controversies” is like having a party over here………..(SMILES)

    • I totally agree with how you put it. You took the words out of my mouth.

      Thanks @jax625 for researching that word, it did help, I understand more now.

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