10.28.10 [Newsen] ‘Ji Woo'(Rain) begins to counterattack, declaring war on the Megideck, ” I’ll kill you”, in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

In ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) begins to counterattack.

The 10th episode of KBS 2TV’s drama series aired on October 28th showed ‘Ji Woo’ and Jinny (Lee Na Young) having escaped several life threatening situations and having a narrow escape after identifying ‘Yang Du Hee’ (old man) and Mijin (Yun Son Ha) as key figures in the Megideck organization.

‘Ji Woo’s declaration of war on the Megideck members, marks a new aspect in the drama.

‘Ji Woo’ and Jinny were within a hair’s breadth of being killed by them, but the two had a narrow escape after many twists and turns.

In the process, ‘Ji Woo’ wept aloud to see ‘Jang Sa Boo’s death, and ‘Jang Sa Boo’s death caused ‘Ji Woo’s anger. ‘Ji Woo’ came to have deep-rooted rancor against the Megideck who killed even ‘Jang Sa Boo’ following Kevin.

At the edge of the broadcast on this day, ‘Ji Woo’ made a call to Mijin and declared war on the group including her, “You are no longer a ferocious enemy. I know your name and face.” and “You may have an advantage while hiding, but now that your cover has been blown, this game is mine. I’ll kill you.”

‘Ji Woo’ who has run away with being unjustly accused of killing Kevin, is to counterattack, which marks a new phase in the series. The performance, into which Rain threw himself completely, is highly praised, and as the drama progresses the tension builds. The audiences show much interest in how the drama will come along.

credit to Newsen http://news.nate.com/view/20101029n02828

Brief translation by rain bird.



8 Comments to “10.28.10 [Newsen] ‘Ji Woo'(Rain) begins to counterattack, declaring war on the Megideck, ” I’ll kill you”, in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’”

  1. OMG!!!! I cannot wait to see this episode. Rain is in deed every bit a bad as* . I am so happy they got him to play this part. Man I hope this episode is subbed with english soon. My sanity depends on it.

  2. love this epi jiwoo very show the eger of his mad and his firend death and wanted to have a war over Megideck and i am very licking this 10 epi it very good gosh it went by so fast esp when rain show his dark side again them wowow rain very SUPERB ! acting in this drama how came we don”t love this drama it just way of the hook !!
    next week asiihhh long wake ahahha i am watching this again rain esp the car fight it HOT !

    • Is your avatar a pic of Rain and Le Na Young? I saw that pic and I think that is one sexy pic. Do you know if they have subbed episode 8 in english?

  3. Do you think both of them will fall in love at the end of the story ? Any opinion ?

  4. @flower
    hey how r u doing ??
    no dear not yet i check threw all site that might be soon just don”t when we just have to wait for the release

    hello nice meeting u
    well i think it xould be happen coz she found out that Kai part of Megideck it making her mad who know all along about her parent and her Grandpa death but it jinyi ( Lee NA Young) very deep fall inlove with kai plus it 10 epi forward this drama so i have a feeling that she still love kai but i could be wrong to and she could fall for Jiwoo coz, he helping he declear who she been looking for the muder case and yet Jiwoo very kind have a felling with her too so i do think she kind in btw… but more likely i think she probuly end of with Jiwoo that my option!!
    Let wait and see!

  5. aaaaishhh……. this drama makes my day……

  6. yeah ! 3 more to go.

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