10.28.10 [DailyKpop] Main Characters from “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” Coincide?

by jax625

Actor Lee Min Ho, who recently took the main role for the upcoming drama “City Hunter,” has met his rival before he even started shooting.

Lee Min Ho has been gaining many interest with his new role in the upcoming drama “City Hunter.” But, the drama is being compared to the currently airing drama, KBS 2TV Drama “Fugitive.”

A representative of “City Hunter” stated, “There’s already talks about it being re-evaluated. We will wait before the final decision is made.”

“City Hunter” was adapted from a famous Japanese manga. It’s about a private detective who falls for beautiful women with a comedy image.

The character from “City Hunter” is similar to Ji Woo (played by Jung Ji Hoon aka Rain), the main character from “Fugitive.” The viewers on the discussion board for “Fugitive” are stating their opinions that the characters coincide with each other.

The representative also stated, “This situation became bigger ever since “Fugitive” gained many interest by viewers. Since there’s not very many Korean detective dramas, the comparison between “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” will never end.”

credit: shayne kay@dailykpopnews

Original Source: sports.hankooki.com
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World



3 Comments to “10.28.10 [DailyKpop] Main Characters from “Fugitive” and “City Hunter” Coincide?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this article… I have a question..is this “City Hunter ” airing also in KBS2 ? if not, if it is in different network, is it same time of Fugitive Plan B Airing? Thank you so much…

  2. if city hunter is from a MANGA then that idea trumps Plan B.
    It’s great story plot I hope it goes fwd. I would love to see Minho in a BA role 🙂 He’s really working hard to take different roles.

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