10.27.10[Clip] Rain,LNY,Daniel Henney ‘Fugitive Plan B’ Making Film

by kajima


Credit : KBS  + Naver blog  + up rainbox625 @ youtube
Special thanks ratoka


6 Comments to “10.27.10[Clip] Rain,LNY,Daniel Henney ‘Fugitive Plan B’ Making Film”

  1. OMG this clip is so funny!!!! I do not know what they are saying but I am in tears. I cannot stop laughing. The way she is screaming at him is so funny!! They look like they have a good time on set. Ok back to look at the video one more time for a good laugh.

  2. Rain is such a comedian. I bet Rain is so much fun on set. I bet he makes everyone laugh. He is what they call the life of the party.

  3. @Kajima I love your picture. It is what they call a chester cat correct? Nevertheless it is funny. Thanks for the funny picture. Ok back to look at the video again for a good laugh. Rain has this effect on me, I just cannot stop looking.

  4. @ flower

    hahaha..correct don’t miss ep.9 tonight

    Let’s enjoy ! !

    yes rain craking me up alot in real lifeis very funny & vharming person rain love to play alot what happen is that rain making fun of LNY saying you cowards when rain hit Daneil and rain keep repeating her voice and make out more laughter even director could hellp rain either i love this vid too we all enjoy rain alot and the epi 9 is good but toward the end 3 of fall and boodling it scare me a bit !1iand no periew either hmmm wondering what happen next ??

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