10.27.10 [News+Clips]Rain is the star who has consideration for others.

by kajima

[27-Oct-10][TV Edaily][ Rain is the star who has consideration for others.

‘Sung Dong Il’ playing the character, ‘Nakamura Howang’ in ‘The Fugitive Plan B’, appeared in KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win Talk Show’ aired last 26th, and said, “Rain makes me feel at ease more than Daniel Henney does. I think Rain as a caring star. Rain takes good care of other people first even though he is a celebrity. Rain and I don’t normally even bother to talk about the whole story of the drama.”

‘Sung Dong Il’ half-jokingly said, beating around the bush, “I don’t know if Daniel Henney doesn’t understand what I am talking about but he just goes home after drinking, whenever Rain buys us a drink.” (Perhaps because Daniel Henney’s Korean is not so good)

Just then, the music was audible from the back stage, and Rain and Daniel Henney showed up as guests. The two’s unpredicted appearance made ‘Sung Dong Il’s head swim.

credit to TV Edaily http://news.nate.com/view/20101027n03206

Brief translation by rain bird.

Special thanks ratoka (ratoka25 @ youtube)

part 1


part 2



part 3



One Comment to “10.27.10 [News+Clips]Rain is the star who has consideration for others.”

  1. They were having so much fun in this interview. I wish I knew what they were saying. I still found it very funny and I could not help but laugh. Rain is so good looking. His hair is so beautiful. I like Daniel as well he is also nice looking. It appeared to me that Rain was taking up for Daniel. Rain is such a caring person.

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