10.26.10 [EngSub] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.7

by jax625



Eng trans:ezy85@soompi

Proofreading: Cuckoo@New York Cloud

Edit, typeset: angelordevil@RVN

Encode, upload: dream_come_true@RVN


8 Comments to “10.26.10 [EngSub] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Ep.7”

  1. hi there.
    is it possible to make the above link viewable on megavideo?

  2. thanks for the fast subbing again!!=)

  3. Hi everyone!!!Is
    so amazing the job that you do!!!
    The news of The fugitive get at my country: BRASILLL….EHHHH!!!!
    But here we know more Daniel Henney, so if you have a news from him..Tell us!!!
    Warm hugs from Brasil !!!

  4. “The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.” NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  5. Thanks to everyone who subbed this episode. I so look forward to be able to watch all the episodes with english subs. So once again I am so thankful for your hard work in subbing any and all episodes that you do.

  6. thanks to whoever that fixed the above link! u guys truly rawk! n to the subbers, what would we do without u??? loving the rain-junjin chemistry so effing much! :))

  7. Thank you very much for you work !

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