10.25.10 [New MV.] Fugitive PlanB ♥ Forever ♥

by kajima

7 Comments to “10.25.10 [New MV.] Fugitive PlanB ♥ Forever ♥”

  1. @ Jax !

    Special for you my dear friend,you really work hard for “Rain & Fugitive PlanB”

    Thank you so much & always miz you ~

    @ Fugitive Plan B Fans

    hope everyone will support “Fugitive PlanB” Forever ^ ^

    • LOVE the vid Kajima, always such great work from you, and the song is lovely…another one I have not heard before! Thanks for all your help here, many (((hugs)))…hope to catch up soon! xoxo

  2. @Jax I want to thank you for all you do for Rains fans. You are doing an awsome job. I love this site so much. Once again thank you for a job well done. I am a Rain fan forever and will continue to support Fugitive to the end. I will continue to support it because of Rain and also because this is an excellent drama that should not be missed.

    • WOW! Such sweet words to wake up to, thanks so much!!!! I really love this drama and it’s actors so I try my very best, ^o^ I am very thankful to our great staff and visitors to the site! Thanks again for all your support!!!!


  3. woowww…thanks for sharing chingu..
    Please follow me too..:)

  4. @kajiam
    love you sweet vid i enjoy your vid alot and also love your lee jung jin channel it very nice background
    kajima & flower
    we all going to to suporting FUGITIVE PLAN B to end right guy rain be so happy he know we love this drama and say it was megnicent drama of the years SANTOCKKI !! YEAH! 🙂

    i could post the vid in the bloger coz i am not a stuff so i have to share it here enjoy !!


  5. you’re welcome my dear friend Jax!


    thank you for sweet words & sharing your vid.So NICE ! ! !

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