10.25.10 [KBS GLOBAL] Protagonist (Ji Woo) Attempts to Escape Prison

by jax625

The tension is building up in the KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” as a protagonist is being set up as the one behind a mysterious murder case.

In the October 21 episode, Ji-woo (Rain), a private investigator hired by Ji-ni (Lee Na-young) to investigate who killed her parents, is caught by police as well as painted as Melgidec, the real murder suspect.

Trying to find a way out of prison, Ji-woo succeeds in obtaining a pen he can use to unlock the handcuffs on his wrist when a fellow investigator comes to find Do-soo (Lee Jung-jin), who is watching Ji-woo. But his attempt does not succeed.

While Ji-woo is trying to figure out the true identity of Kai, who Ji-ni loves and trusts and who is plotting to paint him as Melgidec, Ji-ni comes and hurls criticism at him, saying she hasn’t suspected at all that he could be Melgidec. The fabricated evidence proves it — Ji-woo wired money to the account of Kevin (Oh Ji-ho), his best friend who died in a mysterious fire, whenever Ji-ni’s people were killed. It means that Ji-woo is Melgidec, and that he asked Kevin to get rid of them.

When he hears this from Do-soo, Ji-woo denies his involvement, saying the account is not his and claiming that he knows who is behind this conspiracy. But that does not help prove his innocence, and he is to be transferred to prosecutors.

Before being handed over to prosecutors, Ji-woo calls Ji-ni and says firmly that the evidence is fabricated and she should not believe anything. And he once again tries to unlock the handcuffs with a straw he had hidden earlier.

Viewers said that the episode was the most exciting and thrilling so far.



One Comment to “10.25.10 [KBS GLOBAL] Protagonist (Ji Woo) Attempts to Escape Prison”

  1. good to hear thr reiw by why is this drama rating goe above 20 or hight it suck how they comment the FUGITIVE so good whiches not even
    give them good view and on other hand this drama very awesom plot matter fact i should give rain more prop on his jiwoo part case he sure tknow exzactly to act and to escape this give very put his effor and the epi very excited everytime
    it arrive trus me i am so hook to drama that i differntly got a copy when it become avilible and dram itself is very HIGHT QUAITLY done any K-drama even spy could supass right and that what i see i think FUGITIVE way better IRIS !! .

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