10.24.10 [Pics] Rain, Lee Na Young, & Lee Jung Jin filming “Fugitive”

by jax625

Credit: B4 @ DC


2 Comments to “10.24.10 [Pics] Rain, Lee Na Young, & Lee Jung Jin filming “Fugitive””

  1. i am arabic crazy fan for rain , but rain’s fans despondented me
    the rating un fear !!!..11% ???!!!!!!
    rain and the cast work so hard in this drama
    i am so sad , my english so bad but i wach fugitive on kbs world
    just for support him even i did not understood some of the eng sub
    oppa we belive on you >> azaza

  2. @erna
    that right this drama dersevred more rating they only rating all his esp 11 from epi 2 to 8pir i am sad this drama way to good the plot and cast and the way rain working so much into this dram i mean everybody working so as for korean rain are the most stun in this drama and korean would even borther to watch and give the rating hight enough only 11% i am so so sos sad and disipoment in SEOUL!!
    i am, not give any up coz that rating we are the best actor and give us suck a live ENTERTIAINER so he is a hardworker ever korean u be sorry for this!1 😦

    i waned to see this shot look even more good here it remind me of his l;ove story plot where he fighting !!

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