10.23.10 [KBS GLOBAL] Photos of Cast Members in ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’

by jax625

Candid photos of the cast members of the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” (hereafter refer to as “The Fugitive”) that had been taken during a dinner among the cast members and staff were unveiled, and their natural appearances in the disclosed photos have been an issue.

On the personal Internet home page of actor Kim Hyung Jong, who appears in “The Fugitive” as a detective named Kim, the stills taken on the set between last July and August could be found. Those stills had been taken from another actor Jeong Seung Kyo’s home page, and they showed the natural appearances of star actors including Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon), Lee Jeong Jin, Lee Na Young, Yoon Jin Seo, Daniel Henney, and Sung Dong Il. In the unveiled stills, cast members were gathering in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere while wearing everyday clothes without putting on any make-up.

In particular, the photos of Rain, who revealed mischievous facial expressions in every photo, have drawn attention. Actress Lee Na Young also revealed exciting poses in the stills along with other actors. In a recent TV program, the actor Sung Dong Il had disclosed that Lee has a very easygoing personality.

“The Fugitive,” which already aired seven episodes up until now, will air other episodes that have been filmed in the overseas locations of Hong Kong and Macao.



One Comment to “10.23.10 [KBS GLOBAL] Photos of Cast Members in ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’”

  1. I love these pics. Rain appears to be happy working on this drama. Everyone appeas to be happy like one big family. It is always awsome to work with people you enjoy working with.

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