10.23.10 [Info] Rain @ Asia Song Festival 2010

by jax625

Rain performed today @ the Asia Song Festival along with BoA, Lee Seung Chul, KARA, 2AM, AKB48, Joe Chang, Jane Zhang, Michael Wong, Bie The Star, 4Minute, & BEAST

Stop by our sister site SixtoFive1982 to check out the pics & fancams of Rain from this concert!

He performed, Hip Song, Rainism, & Love song ^o^


4 Comments to “10.23.10 [Info] Rain @ Asia Song Festival 2010”

  1. LOL…Rain is such a tease! Time Out Corner, Rain…aurita!

  2. @__@ that GOLDEN ABS is to die for and man he sure got us right there ahahah SSSCREAMMMM

  3. my eyes are following the hair from the bellybutton…down… to the… top of his belt! (laughing)

  4. @tjrachel…Yes…what I like to call the “treasure trail”. LMAO…goodness, I’m terrible!

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