10.22.10 Rain perfectly put on an inspired performance as if he were

by kajima

[Newsen] Rain perfectly put on an inspired performance as if he were just ‘Ji Woo’ in ‘The Fugitive Plan B”

Rain’s escape scene in the 8th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ ended with a real cliffhanger. Its audiences’ getting engrossed in the drama and its dynamic plot line are coming to a climax.

In this situation where ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) arrested by ‘Do Soo’ (Lee Jung Jin) was fitted up by the police more than ever, his actions were prodigious in terms of getting out of the crisis.

Its audiences are unstinting in their praise of the perfect act of Rain who plays the role of ‘Ji Woo’, an excellent private detective with a delightful dry sense of humour, in this drama without a flaw.

In the 8th episode of KBS 2TV’s drama ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ on October 21th, ‘Ji Woo’ was seen starting working on that in earnest when he found out the crime of the murder of Jinny’s family members was added to him.

‘Ji Woo’ was arrested for murdering his fellow Kevin (O Ji Ho), and ‘Do Soo’ was in a state of euphoria after he caught ‘Ji Woo’, but he was devastated because he was now in a situation where there was absolutely no need for him to interrogate ‘Ji Woo’.

The fact is this, the evidence to the disadvantage of ‘Ji Woo’ fabricated by a band of Megideck, was delivered even to the police.

‘Ji Woo’ was to be sentenced to death for murder and for soliciting to murder in the first degree by the strong evidence that shows he committed the crime, while he found that there was no way to reverse the situation.

When ‘Ji Woo’ found that he faced with a big crisis and the crime of the murder of Jinny’s family members was added to him, he built his reputation as an excellent private detective.

After meeting with Jinny (Lee Na Young), ‘Ji Woo’ tried to get to the truth of this incident, figuring out what was going on ground him, meanwhile, he was watching for an opportunity to escape without his hand cuffs, using materials at hand from the police.

Even with the crisis, ‘Ji Woo’ never hesitated to be humorous. In particular, even in the difficult situation where ‘Ji Woo’ was arrested by ‘Do Soo’, ‘Ji Woo’ was humorously seen presenting himself as the love consultant for both ‘Do Soo’ and detective ‘Yun’ (Yun Jin Seo), which made the audiences laugh. As such, Rain’s natural acting style veering between seriousness and lightness, was particularly outstanding.

At the end of the broadcast, ‘Ji Woo’ gave ‘Do Soo’ a hint which could provide the key to the solution of the incident, saying, “If you look for something, come to see me.” But, ‘Do Soo’ who was sure that ‘Ji Woo’ must be sentenced to death, let it go in one ear and out the other.

However, ‘Ji Woo’ succeeded in unlocking his handcuffs at the last scene of the episode, which spurs him to take action himself soon, and gives the story dramatic tension.

Rain’s acting got two thumbs-up from the audiences through the drama’s official website after the broadcast,

“Rain’s act was a smash hit ” “There isn’t anybody else to do such a performance except Rain” “Rain perfectly put on an inspired performance as if he were just Ji Woo”.

credit to Newsen http://news.nate.com/view/20101022n03060
Brief translation by rain bird.


2 Comments to “10.22.10 Rain perfectly put on an inspired performance as if he were”

  1. I love reading how Rain is getting so much praise for his acting in the Fugitive. I am so happy for him. Even though the ratings are not what they should be. Whitch is so crazy because Rain continue to get praise for the outstanding acting he is doing but people are not watching it. It just does not make sense. Anyway I am so glad Rain is getting his credit he deserves. I think his acting is beyond amazing. I wish him continued success on the Fugitive and other projects.

  2. I completely agree. The caliber of his acting, especially sense of comedic timing, is phenomenal in this show! The man has me laughing out loud at least a half a dozen times each episode! He has literally breathed life into the character of JiWoo and made him into one of my favorite characters. I’m still holding out for Kai’s character, whom I find very intriguing. Is he truly an all-out “bad guy” or is he a “good guy” who just knows the inner workings of the seedy world of policital and social corruption and uses that knowledge to his advantage? I’m thinking it’s the former…it’s just such a treat to see Mr. Henney on screen along with Rain. Cannot wait for Kai’s and JiWoo’s beef to come to blows – this oughta be good! It’s boutta be on like DONKEY KONG! Kai FTW!

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