10.19.10 [popseoul] Lee Na-young vs. Yoona – Who wore it better?

by jax625

photo credit // popseoul.com


Actress Lee Na-young and Girls Generation‘s Yoona, were both spotted wearing the same Burberry dress on different occasions.

The dress that the two lovely ladies are seen wearing, is the Gauze Jersey Gathered Dress from the Burberry F/W 2010 Collection, which comes with a hefty price tag of $2,495 USD.

Actress Lee Na-young, was spotted wearing the Burberry dress in episode one of the KBS drama, ‘Fugitive Plan B’, in which she stars as the character of Jin Yi. Pop idol Yoona, wore the same dress for the cover of Cosmopolitan Korea magazine’s September issue.

The dress isn’t exactly an easy color to pull off and neither is the design, being of below the knee-length and the immense tiered scrunches/gatherings. However, Lee Na-young seems to have fit the dress better because of her long (height), slender figure and also the mature image that comes with her age. Yoona on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have filled the dress too well and looks a bit old in it, don’t you think?

So, who do you think wore it better?

~head over to popseoul & let them know! (Personally I think LNY looked better ^^)


credit: KOKO PUFF@popseoul


7 Comments to “10.19.10 [popseoul] Lee Na-young vs. Yoona – Who wore it better?”

  1. i agree with that LNY looking better…

  2. that right L:NY suit so good and perfect for her height and age differnly LNY agree !!

  3. I think they both look beautiful in the dress. Why must we choose?

  4. Gonna have to say Yoona on that one.. i don’t know LNY looks like a sweatshirt and jeans kinda girl all the time.

  5. it seems fitting for Yoona more

  6. Yeah yoona looks fits in that dress and the colour of her hair with that dress looks more beautiful.

  7. I think that lee na young is better than yoona

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