10.19.10 [Pics] Rain on “The Fugitive: Plan B” set

by jax625


credit: Adelaide Napitupulu+rainsha+rain angel


4 Comments to “10.19.10 [Pics] Rain on “The Fugitive: Plan B” set”

  1. hi jax how is the mater are you fine?….what about the visit i hope every thing is going fine..^ ^

  2. first pic of Rain i have seen in a month…as i’ve said haven’t seen much of Rain lately…

  3. oh guys its look like i did abig mistake sorry about the pic of rain my be i posted them in the wrong site there are no merging between sits its only mistake by me……you will see about rain in sixtofive1982…..sorry for confusing you

  4. ahahah so cute of rain aja aja fighting love his tan look too he sure make my day my rain!!

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