10.18.10 [New] Rain @ Fugitive Plan B set

by kajima

  Rain (Bi) @ Fugitive Plan B set

credit //Adelaide Napitupulu


7 Comments to “10.18.10 [New] Rain @ Fugitive Plan B set”

  1. oh rain he need to make all happy round him and enjoy his time…..i wish im with him that time

  2. Was this the shoot attended by the 100 Japanese fans only recently…last Saturday, October 16?
    I really thought Fugitive has finished shooting. Is it only me or is there something on Rain’s face? Was he hurt?

  3. oh my see that why am saying rain is so respect to his elder and clouds how alway *bow*!! to his fand it doesn”t mastter all age rain give them a warm hearted and welcome to them and apporicated they come across just to suported him no womdering why i could resist and love this BIG HEART of rain so much just like he alway say to all his clouds and fans SANTOCKKI !! YEAH!!
    we love u rain just how u love us back at you!! u are our loyatity of world and best of all!! that smile of rain just brigh up my day ahahah MUCK!! THAT SO CUTE AND SWEET OF RAIN EVER !!

  4. @tjrachel
    nope they are not finish yet that was a reataking and it recent as well rain have to do some retaking of fugitive that they need to catch up yes he was hurt himself alot in this drama too poor rain working to much for his fugitive drama that why i feeling so much touch about the japanese care for rain see they suporting all the way aja aja fighthing !!

  5. after taking a breather for a few days… rain still looks sleepy! hahaha 😀

  6. I thought he looked terrible with really big eye bugs again despite the breather, but there’s a new pic he seems to look okay…haven’t really seen much of Rain for the past month…

  7. JIHoon I love all these pictures and I think your looking really good even though the sun is shinning right in your eyes….. 🙂

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