10.18.10 [KBS] The plot summary of the Ep.7 of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’

by jax625

Kai (Daniel Henney) brings Jinny (Lee Na Young) with him by order of ‘Yang Doo Hee’ (Old man)

While Jinny is nervous, not knowing what is happening, ‘Yang Doo Hee’ and Kai strike sparks off each other.

Meanwhile, Ji Woo (Rain) who gets suspicious and comes to Macau to chase Jinny, asks his old friend ‘General Wee’ for help. But, ‘General Wee’ who already belongs to ‘Yang Doo Hee’, sets a deathtrap for ‘Ji Woo’.

While ‘Ji Woo’ is feeling a threat to his own safety due to Do Soo’s team who arrives in Macau to follow him by being entangled with ‘Yang Doo Hee’ scheme, ‘Yang Doo Hee’s drastic and harsh decision that will completely lead to a change in the fortunes of all those things, is made.


Brief translation by rain bird.


One Comment to “10.18.10 [KBS] The plot summary of the Ep.7 of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’”

  1. why bi slapped all the time im become boring that s not him……he should refused that..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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