10.18.10 [KBS Global] Chase Scene of ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ Creates Uproar

by jax625

In the drama “The Fugitive: Plan B,” Jin Yi (Lee Na Young) was humiliated by kissing the private investigator, Ji Woo (Jung Ji Hoon), on the hips.
On the 6th episode of the KBS 2TV drama “The Fugitive: Plan B,” (written by Chun Sung Il, directed by Kwak Jeong Hwan) that aired on October 14, two male and female protagonists had enraptured the viewers’ eyes by presenting a chase scene that contained both comic elements such as a “butt kiss” and dynamic chase sequences.

Ji Woo and Jin Yi held a dominant position over Mi Jin (Yoon Sohn Ha) and asked about the real identity of Mel Gi-dek, but they suddenly faced a crisis by encountering unexpected guests, including Do Soo (Lee Jeong Jin) and his colleagues. The tense chase scene in the middle of a city began as Ji Woo and Jin Yi began to run away from Do Soo leaving Mi Jin behind, and two detectives, Do Soo and Yoon (Yoon Jin Seo), began to chase them. Jin Yi, who was chased by detective Yoon, entered the factory where two male characters were fighting against each other, and she let Ji Woo inside the car immediately and began to run away. But, there was another unexpected situation waiting for them.

Ji Woo was in such a hurry when he got in the car that he sat on Jin Yi’s laps directly while running away. Jin Yi yelled at him by saying, “Remove your butt,” but it was too late.

Do Soo was in the same situation. As Ji Woo ran away by getting in Jin Yi’s car, he also went into detective Yoon’s car, who was following Jin Yi. Do Soo wanted to change his seat to the driver’s seat to chase Ji Woo, so they tried to change seats while driving. At the moment when their bodies were overlapped, detective Yoon expressed her happiness, which was totally opposite to Jin Yi, who had shown displeasure. Two opposite scenes of Jin Yi, who was shouting with repulsion, and detective Yoon, who was smiling with happiness, were shown at the same time and presented a comic scene to viewers.

After the 6th episode was aired, the viewers called the scene the “Butt kiss” and delivered their favorable opinions of the drama by saying, “I really laughed out loud. There had been a sudden kiss between two actors, and today they had kissed on the hips. The best scene of today’s episode was Jin Yi’s kiss scene on Ji Woo’s hips.”


One Comment to “10.18.10 [KBS Global] Chase Scene of ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ Creates Uproar”

  1. LMAO…I’m telling ya…it was truly a SURRA DE BUNDA moment. I’m hoping they only had to shoot this once. I would be mortified if it took more than that.

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