10.15.10 [dramabeans] Rain’s “Runaway Plan B” Ratings Continue Their Slide

by jax625

This is very surprising & sad news! We must do our best to support the cast & this drama in any way we can. If you live in Korea or where the ratings of this drama are tallied, PLEASE watch this on your tv before watching it online. I am thinking we need to do something to show the cast and the network that this drama has a lot of support by the fans…let’s think of something to at least raise their spirits if not the ratings… **fighting**

by javabeans:

I’m actually a little shocked: The latest episode of Runaway Plan B drew a mere 11.9% rating, which is nearly half its strong premiere number. More worrying than that, however, is the steadiness of the downward trend — Episodes 1 through 6 have garnered, in order, a 20.7%, 17.9%, 18.0%, 16.2%, 15.1%, and 11.9%.

Over on SBS, Daemul‘s Episode 3 drew a 26.5% on Wednesday, and kept it up the next day with a 26.1%. MBC’s Playful Kiss numbers this week were 6.0% and 5.6%.

I had expected Daemul to cut into Runaway‘s ratings somewhat, but hadn’t thought it would so completely dominate. Yes, dramas tend to be the purview of the ajumma viewer, and President Go Hyun-jung is a huge draw — but surely Runaway would collect that subset of the viewership that craves testosterone, action, and speed, I thought. I’ve wondered if it would have done better as a summer series, or even on weekends a la Man Called God, but in any case it hasn’t managed to command the same action-lovin’ eyeballs as Chuno, which is what everyone was banking on.

It’s too bad; despite not loving the drama, I have fun watching Runaway, which is a harmless escapist vehicle to counter the Pomp and Drama of Daemul and the romantic sweetness of Playful Kiss. (Also: Lee Jung-jin is damn hot. Sometimes I forget to pay attention to the main point of a scene when he’s all gruff and glowery onscreen. Although, let’s be honest — the hot stuff usually IS the primary purpose of scenes in this drama.)

Maybe next time, Rain.

source:  HeraldM + Dramabeans + soompi


14 Comments to “10.15.10 [dramabeans] Rain’s “Runaway Plan B” Ratings Continue Their Slide”

  1. i very so upset of these new the past 2 eopi 5 &6 went down to lowing rating epi just coz, the baskeball took over the time late for fugitive 30min so they drama rating went drop down then again on epi 6 again how came my question is korean have such a tast of any iof these GENRE or WHAT?????????????
    i for SBS & KBS i well chooes rain drama not coz, of rain my idol but all the cast and they give all get shot from jetl let hardworker effort filming this film not to mention they suffer during the HOT WEATHER trying sweat ect… plus rain show all face in this drama and it action comedy yet kiss sene just coz they rain is to funny and was hight styke what the HECK!! are they saying the drama is off to good to watch so my beat is i belive they are loosing eye watch here and need an overlook to the drama sorry i could belive they put fugitive down like and what happen to Korean and the rest asia it don”t seeme alot suporter for this drama at all??
    Drama of Daemul ~~> MUST BE A FAN OF IT
    that why they rating went up so high well., i don”t care about that what i care is fugitive is much better and alot good catch to watch and good cast as wlill
    yes let suporting this drama but waht can we do and how i have watch KBS 2 ever wed & thur so waht can we do here we must keep this drama hight rating could from korean should known better to suporter rain too !!

  2. I guess they’re not ready for this kind of genre yet, Koreans I mean. Since most of us from this site live elsewhere in the world, we can jus sit and watch from afar how will this drama continue to do ratingwise. We all can just watch online to show our support for Rain.

    Frustrating it may be but we all love and support Rain. But I believe it will bounce back. Aja Aja fighting!

  3. This is weird but make sense, somehow…

    I have had thought it would suffer in rating once i saw Rain’s over-the-top acting though.
    Those are cute but… Not okay.

    I hate those overact expression in love story’s film, and worried me a lot to see them back in Runaway.
    Then this, my worries came true… Ugh…

    However, 11% is good, bcoz no way it’ll go any low.
    But still… Who can guess,..

  4. I live in the US and I can only watch it on the internet. I wish there was something I could do to support Rain and all the other actors. To me this drama is an outstanding drama. I do not understand the ratings drop especially since I thought from something posted on this site Rain had been getting alot of praise for his performance. I guess him being praised for his outstanding acting has nothing to do with people watching it. This show has everything for me romance, comedy, and action. I hope people will read about the ratings drop and start watching the heck out this drama. If there is something else on when Fugitive comes on can’t people record it and watch it later. Don’t this still count towards the ratings. I am not sure how it works in other countries but I hope they do not cancell it. I look forward to finding the episode with english subs. I love the drama so much I even watch it in Korean first and then go back and watch it with english subs. Please everyone who can watch it, do so every week. We as fans must support Rain and/or any other actor you may be a fan of. These actors are working very hard. This is and excellent drama and it must continue.

  5. I don’t understand why the ratings continue to drop. The story gets better and clearer in the preceding episodes and it is fast-paced so the viewers shouldn’t get bored. My heart goes out to both Rain and Jung Jin who ran like mad in the story, and to na young (and rain again) who lost sleep because they’re present in every episode of this drama. I actually feel bad for the two of them flying back and forth to different countries in just one month. Poor bi! He had high hopes on this. I hope he wouldn’t be disheartened. Honestly, guys, do you think the ratings will bounce back?

  6. @ flower
    hello i am actually from US. and i am a big fan of rain
    what u say it truly the TRUE and i agree i am watching the drama wed and thur but only threw KBS 2 not live TV via but i could belive korean have no praise of rain they keep puting him down all the time and yes rain been flying around 7 city just to filming this dram and overwork himself to sweat and tried all the cast give their best at their plot and what we heard and got from the rating is 11 % i am so disipointment about korean they just don”t like rain this not the only happen it alway happen to rain all the time i belive their a some jelious of rain just coz he so popluat and more talen they seeme to try get him down i am not very happy for the fact they very dont know the differnt of the genre of this dram it a mix plot and it so good making mr so engage and hiiked every detail and all the place and rain acting was good enought con now korean u know beeter then a pain in the but is ??
    \and boom they rating just loss like it only 6 epi and they judge this dram already watch wait and see they well be sorry of this drama and reget back and give more rating coz staring epi 7 and up this drama getting more and more better and it well keep u more attetion yes it is twitted about who killing who and who bad ect… that not the point the point this drama have everything in their own genre and why korean know the differnt i would think they are some jelious in this and plus i hope korean fand over their well do something about coz at this point i am concern that they are not going to air anymore they are loosing their money here!!
    but no matter what happen i am suporting rain all the way and i do belive FUGITIVE well be bounce back to high rating aja aja fighting i belive in my heart so do rain rain is having a high hope on us so we must not let him down !!

    • @ kongsao thanks for agreeing with what I said. I thought that Rain was loved by the Korean people. This is why I am confused as to why the ratings have been dropping. The drama is an excellent drama and also if the Korean people love Rain like I think, the ratings should be higher. Truefully I love all the running and action scenes. Rain looks so sexy to me when he is fighting. But I guess I am one of those rare chicks who like action movies. I also like the fact that they are introducing the love interest between Rain and Jinny (may have spelled her name wrong) a little at a time thus far. Come on that is what is fun about romance in a drams. If you just give it up so soon that takes the romanticness out of it. You need a little chase, tension, wait and flirtness going on before the characters get together. You do not need to get it all at one time, that not hot. I like for a drama to make me want to continue to watch it just to see what would happen next. I feel all of the 6 episodes have been intriquing and have been making me want to continue to watch. Also, @kongsao like you said people should not judge 6 episodes and watch all the 20 episdoes and then judge the drama. I will continue to support Rain regardless of what happens. I hope all who can watch it start watching the drama. Us fans we can do it!

      • @flower
        differnely felling you and what u said I also like the fact that they are introducing the love interest between Rain and Jinny (may have spelled her name wrong) a little at a time thus far. Come on that is what is fun about romance in a drams. If you just give it up so soon that takes the romanticness out of it. You need a little chase, tension, wait and flirtness going on before the characters get together!!
        that EXZACTLY what all about i am into what u say and it SO TRUE that how the drama became morte popluar reder us or intertional drama or movies thus feel the same way and me i love the fact this drama keep getting intriquing and have been making me want to continue to watch that right that answer to this drama and why it 20 epi coz it making to be long story and countinue to get more better each epi you watch regradless good o not rain is so versiltie in his character acting and he is truly amazing that keep pulling your heart to love and suporting reder singer actor ect… he just the only we know for best actor all his drama that i havce watch all good no to mention this FUGITIVE PLAN B new release but can you push everything in yopur own way i don”t so!!
        so really korean need to start watch a different genre and PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! i hope this drama remind to 20epi !!
        and yes we will suporting rain AJA AJA FIGHTHING !!

  7. i think the problem is in the story line…its still hazy! but i enjoy watching it though… i haven’t able to watch daemul yet, but i think korean viewers have different taste i mean they love heavy drama more while me i hate it….still i will always support rain and hoping that next week the fugitive will have a higher rating!

  8. @melisa, I Agree with you. And I hope They lessen the running or chasing scenes and emphasize more on the story line. Don’t get me wrong guys, I love watching it coz it’s different from the usual Kdramas and it’s entertaining but the mouse and cat chasing scenes are making me tired from watching, it’s the same plot running and running. They’ve shown a lot of chasing and running already so They should show some strategies on how to escape the chasers.

  9. Well ,
    all i can say this reder it to heave or coz the to many nagtive langue they are using in this dram or to much chasing in here so what , that why they named RUNWAY FUGITIVE!! who fugitive was rain the one yeah it is heavy drama it have everything in this drama all across Asia and to me the it was very good it one time life that any asia would see such kind of this drama and for surent korean they mostly like into more fromar and ditional of korean and roamntic well give me a break from that to much over and over the same plot but different actor i do love korean drama but only what good and what very to beem watch only!!
    rain is so different in this even he is way of to top the way his acting or could be his goffness or his playful KISS is is that why they bring him or coa that to many chasing here and their no story line to this it only 6 epi we can”t judge the fugitive yet so to me am not going to say anything eslewhere but to watch to to end as well and am crossing my finger that the epi 7 is ganing back their rating and countiune to show aisa wild too.
    let face it here!!
    rain movies I’M cyborg it was very entertainment production movies bring to the level even in US love his movie and have air for a years it reconsidering the best comdey and pulled out of theatres in Korea, but look what happened in Germany and even here in the US. it won an award at the German Film Festival and played for over a year was that supirse afterall i think so!!
    and for
    AL:K ask (Bok-Gu) was another character he proved that with.)
    rain have give all his drama such a good acting and layer that he betraying in each draam & movies he in and full is top of that as well for Ninja Assasssin rain have pull of so good whiche shock me who won that MTV awards that is rain i know give all his best foir FUGITIVE i do belive the same thing happen it a twitted that all and saying plus i thinking sometimes folks or korean don’t like using their brain power to see what in their eye don”t get me wrong am not basing over FUGITIVE i just could stand they judge this drama of only epi 6 did they have watch their threw the end what the story going to be yeash matter fact it might making other tried already just coz it nothing but, chasing well can blame that either coz their is action and love story in btw.. this drama too plus it was 20 epi so they should never ever judge rain drama like that give a man the right seeing this drama to end first then u can rating and judge afterall and is my point !!

  10. OH BTWW………….. this drama is popluar in THAILAND some asia wilde as well dran only if their can be help rain rating would be down like this i feel sorry for korean rain work so much for that country and i never have one words or any priase from them that very ashame for korean clouds and fans over their like us in US or some country love rain more then just korean but, their is fans their korean suporter rain to but of 50% their only 15% their for rain… i felt so sorry for rain !! ask for me he very acholtic person who hardworker and give his excellent work he just an nonestop person and did he even took much break NOPE!! not i know of!! they should thank for for the hectic he work of his knee and treat rain more respect too!

    • @Kongsao I just read something else about how Rain’s kissing scene in epi 5 warmed women hearts. You know Rain is being praised for his acting. Maybe this is a sign the ratings may go up. I hope people start praising the entire show more by way of watching it.

      • @flower
        kiss-pose that is suggestive of ‘Clark Gable’ of “Gone with the Wind” fame, moved women’s hearts The drama last 14th showed that Jinny’s heart seemed to warm toward ‘Ji Woo’ (Rain) yup me too i hope they are eyecandy watching this drama and that prasing rain drama and give the drama all about and rating too yyes we both know what it like so i am hoping it well be GOOD NEWS this week coming and watching FUGITIVE more !! GOOD LUCK FUGITIVE PLAN B we know u can do this !!

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