10.14.10 [FanArt] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Wallpapers

by wawalalal

hi my friends this is my work ….kajima do you like them…and i hope all you guys like them …hi there jax…


11 Comments to “10.14.10 [FanArt] “The Fugitive: Plan B” Wallpapers”

  1. oooooo……omomom……have any one see my work …..no one????? is my work that bad …….no comment at all im disappointing because i did that for your request gays..!!!!!!!

    • hey dare i just wake and i saw a awesome gragphic u did that was very a feed for me you did a wonderful job i love them all thank u for this excellent job
      all my babe isd here !!

  2. @wawalala

    Oh WOW~~~~~~
    GREAT JOB ! ! ! ! I really Love it all ! ! !

    Thanks so much for your hard work my friend ^ ^

    ** sorry wawalala,i’m not allow you before.

    i’ve been posting your old art work sharing at my blog ^^

    hope you don’t mind i’ll post your new art work too.Big thanks again~


  3. @ wawalala

    OF COURSE ! ! ! your art work are excellent ! !

    Thanks to join with us “fugitive625.wordpress team.”

    Please make a new for our Daniel Fans,Uehara Takako fans too hehe ^ ^*

    Thanks in forward

  4. Welcome to the team Wawa! Sorry I have been away this weekend, my father in law was visiting from Asia..we had a really great visit with him ^^

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the wallpapers, they are amazing!!!! Also love the banners you sent me but I haven’t had a chance to reply yet, will write you in the morning!

    xoxo’s, thanks so much again!!!!

  5. @awawlalaaa
    i very love it alot also i love the LAST onre i use for my destop too HUG!!

  6. thanks my friends……ill send an old work for rain …….and ill make for the whole fugitive team…..fighting

  7. @ Jax ! !

    hehe..i know you’ll done the best for him. Hope you fine.Good luck my friend!

  8. we all try to do the best ….hope you fine too…love this team

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