10.14.10 [MorningNews] Rain is showered with high praise for his outstanding performance in “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

“Time went by so quickly as I felt as if 60 minutes were 10 minutes”

“I almost cried, noticing the time passing”

“My eyes were fixed to the TV, and even I couldn’t breathe, when I was watching the drama on TV”

Writings giving the 5th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ aired on the 13th good reviews, flooded the Internet message board.

In the episode, ‘Jinny’ (Lee Na Young) &’Ji Woo’ (Rain) arrived in Beijing after managing to escape ‘Do Soo’s chase (Lee Jung Jin), but the ring of ‘Mijin'(Yun Son Ha) was already waiting for the two, laying a trap for them with using ‘Jang Si Boo'(Gong Hyung Jin) as bait to trap them.

But ‘Ji Woo’ who has quick wits, saw through their deceit at a glance and turns the table by channeling the attack onto his opponent.

The operation’s success was only momentary. Jinny was conversely put upon by ‘Ji Woo’, so she fired him, shedding tears by saying “Do you know what death is?”.

‘Ji Woo’ who was cheeky, turned his back to Jinny, not looking back and giving her the cold shoulder, which pulled at the viewer’s heartstrings.

The 5th episode’s perfect combination of action, comic, and spy stories was absolutely the majority opinions of the viewers.

The viewers are lavish in their praise of the perfect action performances of the leading actors such as Rain and ‘Lee Jung Jin’ including ‘Lee Na Young’s actions without stint, as they could not describe the drama otherwise than as a big hit.

The act Rain expressed so much with his face after he was found to put up hidden cameras, was the highlight of the episode.

When ‘Ji Woo’ was humiliated, getting slapped whenever he was all over Jinny throughout the series, “I want Jinny to stop slapping ‘Ji Woo’s face now.” “It makes my heart ache to see his suffer.” Such criticisms and even more emotional ones flooded Internet message boards.

In this episode, PD ‘Kowak Jung Howan’ was portrayed as a character cheating Koreans living in Hong Kong, which brought about a lot of laughter from the viewers.

The 5th episode of ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ meeting the viewers’ expectations by providing lots of fun for them, was fettered by game 5 of the pro baseball playoffs.

But even though it started almost 30 minutes late due to the baseball game that was broadcast by relay, it revealed its splendor, taking off with a 15.1% viewing rate which lost just 1.1 percent compared to last episode’s. (by Nielsen Media Research)

In the 6th episode to be aired on the 14th, Jinny fires ‘Ji Woo’ and notices what Mijin is desperately looking for.

‘Ji Woo’ has doubts that Kai continues to watch and follow Jinny without rising to the forefront, while Jinny also advises Kai not to have confidence in ‘Ji Woo’ or not even to count on him.

And, thanks to ‘Do Soo’ (Lee Jung Jin) who catches the scene where ‘Ji Woo’ has ascendancy over Mijin just at the right time, Mijin is set free and lays a trap for ‘Ji Woo’ who will find it hard to get out of it..

The identity of ‘Megideck’, who is shrouded in mystery, is still unknown and nobody knows what may happen tomorrow, which gives the story dramatic tension.

The Fugitive Plan B is on the air every Wednesday and Thursday, at 9:55pm.

credit to Morning News http://www.morningnews.co.kr/article.php?aid=128702511428484026

Brief translation by rain bird.


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