10.13.10 [EngTrans] LeeJungJin + ZhangZhiYi talk about Rain & “The Fugitive Plan B”

by jax625

-Rain part- (3:39 ~ the end )

-‘Lee Jung Jin’ part briefly summarized in English- (~3:58)

(‘Lee Jung Jin’ has been shooting “The Fugitive Plan B” with Rain)

-I think you’ve been taller now since I saw you last.

Lee Jung Jin : I guess you’re right. Actually, I’ve worn a little high-heeled shoes.

– How do you like your guerrilla date?

Lee : I’m embarrassed by this situation. I had no idea many people would gather in this street.

– I know you are managing a series of tight schedules recently.

Lee : I think I’ve drifted into it.

I’ve just arrived in Seoul from the Philippines, so I’m a little out of it now.

I’ve been shooting a lot of action scenes with Rain in luxury places, such as yacht, sweet room, etc. on location abroad, but I’ve had a hard time finding any Korean food, so I’m carrying a gas burner used for cooking, considering the thought of grabbing a bite after shooting.

-What is your most attractive feature ?

Lee : I am unattractive..

Compared to handsome stars with double eyelids such as ‘Won Bin’ or ‘Jang Dong-Gun’ in my rookie season, I though I was no match for them.

-I think you’re so busy that you don’t have time to date with someone.

Lee : I don’t think I’ve been busy with my tight schedule.

One time, not even one phone call came from anybody for 3 days on location abroad, so the battery was able to last 3 days.

Ah, I had only one text message, “It’s too hard..Don’t be too long..We have to promote our movie” from actor ‘Seol Kyung Goo’ during that time.

-Tell me your Miss Right.

Lee : I like a woman who has a beautiful smile, with bobbed hair or with short hair. Come to think of it, ‘Kolleen Park’s face rises to my mind..

-If the news of you is splashed in headlines across all the newspaper, what would you like the title to be featured?

Lee : “Lee Jung Jin turns around the economy.”

(He is sitting tight)

Lee : “Lee Jung Jin turns around the economy.”

(He is obstinate)

Lee : It sounds really good, doesn’t it?

Brief translation by rain bird.

Credit: baros // Vid Edited by scorpiola // scorpiolabibi1 @ youtube
Please DO NOT upload this to any other youtube channels, thanks!


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