10.12.10 [Preview] Rain & Daniel Henney on Win Win Talk Show

by jax625

credit: tudou // ratoka@youtube


7 Comments to “10.12.10 [Preview] Rain & Daniel Henney on Win Win Talk Show”

  1. Hahahaha these boys really are bad they left lee na young enter by herself and walk Han in hand instead. poor LNY but I love these men. lee Jung Jin isn’t there? Ah weh? Weh? Weh? It could’ve been better if lee Jung Jin was with them

  2. Thank you Jax. Always happy to see them. ^^~
    Esp. Daniel!! ^^

  3. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Someone just HAS to record this show. *drops to her knees and slap hands together in FERVENT prayer* >__< (serious praying face) Dear kind, merciful and gracious Lord…please inspire someone who has access to this show to record it and post it YouTube so we can see it. And if it's not too much trouble…to sub it in English too. Please and thank you. Amen.

    I'm excited about seeing Daniel & Rain, but I FREAKIN' LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Sung Dong Il ssi! He's a comedic genius and I would literally make the man deaf (also probably end up with a restraining order) from my fan girl scream, should I ever get the chance to meet him in person. Love any man who can make me laugh as hard as Sung Dong Il ssi,

  4. damit Daneil and rain are cloes together here what about my main LJJ where is he and rain and Daniiel almost got me loss at the monent walking into this show omo…. LNY was like hey guy what about my 2 man left coz they these are my I DON’T BELIVE ahahah !! is that?
    this win win show lthis time rain have a good guest from his fugitive OH Boy it going to WOO LA ~~WOO BABY!! :P)

  5. I can’t wait for the show! This will be a good one to watch! They are all so funny! I wish LJJ was there but we can all have our wishes all the time! Thank you for sharing!

    You are feeding my Fugitive addiction!

    its like a dream come true
    two of the hottest men on earth in one place
    i think i’m melting onto my keyboard

    if someone could post a subbed video, i’m sure all kdrama fans in the US would be forever grateful 😀

    beautiful people……everywhere….

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    He was entirely right. This publish actually made my day.
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