10.12.10 [EngTrans] “The Fugitive Plan B” Episode 5 + Preview

by jax625


Ji Woo(Rain) : The destination of our trip is Beijing because I want to eat Beijing Duck.


Mijin (Yun Son Ha) : Women should be used to bait the hook, and pull off your car in front of Beijing Duck restaurant.


Nacamura Howang & Jang Si Boo : We’ve properly laid a trap for (Ji Woo)


Ji Woo : Seeing that my partners call me out on my arrival in Beijing, they tend to be rash at times.


Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin) : One reason why I’ve become a police officer is because the police looks great.

But, none of it is very exciting recently.

It is impossible for us to always pursue ‘Ji Woo’ in a situation where we aren’t even fan club members.


Do Soo : I don’t have enough confidence to combine work with love.


Yun Jin Seo : who says love is hard work?


Jinny (Lee Na Young) : How strange! It is absurd of me to work together with another, not being with you (Kai -Daniel Henny)) who are the only person I can depend on.


Jinny : Never have your lips on my lips, in any circumstances!

Ji Woo : How about artificial respiration?

Jinny : Never!


Lee Jung Jin : Nobody could say it is a love.

Yun Jin Seo : If not?


Ji Woo : It is the plastic surgery.


Ji Woo : It is a bugging device, not a surveillance camera.


Jinny : I don’t want you here !


Ji Woo : Can you get to the lobby by yourself without your boy friend?


Jinny : What’s the matter with you?


Ji Woo : At times like this, I have a distrust of anybody. Somebody often betrays his friend for his own hand.

Jinny : Like Kevin who is your friend?

source: ratoka@youtube
Brief translation by rain bird.


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