10.08.10 [Info] KBS 2 TV drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” 도망자 OST

by jax625

Track list

01. Running&Running – MBLAQ
02. 사랑같은건 믿지 않지만 // 愛なんて信じないけど – シン・スンフン(ShinSeungHun)
03. Chaos A.D.- 4Minute
04. Poison – ZE:A
05. Oran-G – Mayday
06. Crazy Bounce
07. Gun Likes A Girl
08. Gloria
09. Dragon Of China
10. 잿빛 노을 // 灰色の夕焼け
11. Break Out
12. I Like To Move It
13. Bullet Dance
14. 천국으로의 편도 // 天国への片道
15. Born To Run
16. No More Cigarette
17. Unlimited

source : http://shop.innolife.net/shop/li … 9c15de4f0f7a057baeb


3 Comments to “10.08.10 [Info] KBS 2 TV drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” 도망자 OST”

  1. I wonder if they will include Kieko’s song in Japanese edition of OST ^^

  2. I dunno…It’s gonna be hard to beat Bad Boy’s OST. Can’t get enough of it and I can’t understand but five words all the artists sing on that album (kajima, miahne, saranghae, and chungmal). Pitiful…and I have the nerve to play it in the library so my “kids” are exposed to Korean, too. LMAO.

    I’m also liking Playful Kiss’s OST…very nice.

  3. Omg! who sings the “I like to move it” song when it gets to all the romantic/funny parts in the drama??? Ive been trying to find it forever!!! plzzz tell!!

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