10.07.10 [KBS]‘The Fugitive:Plan B’ Begins Amid Much Hype

by kajima

KBS‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ Begins Amid Much Hype

The KBS2 drama “The Fugitive: Plan B” has finally lifted its veil with its first episode on September 29.

Succeeding “Bread, Love and Dreams,” the new drama has generated great hype with its top cast and crew members. The director-writer combo behind the hit drama “The Slave Hunters” — Gwak Jung-hwan and Chun Seung-il — have teamed up together once again for the blockbuster show starring Lee Na-young, Rain and Daniel Henney.

Many stars from “The Slave Hunters” made cameo appearance in the first episode, including Lee Da-hye, Oh Ji-ho, Sung Dong-il, Kong Hyung-jin and Cho Hee-bong.

Lee Da-hae appeared as the girlfriend of Gee-woo, played by Rain, a notorious lady killer and private investigator.

Gee-woo tries to appease his girlfriend, who becomes angry when she finds out that he has set his eyes on another woman. He swears that he will live only for her once they marry and proposes to her with a ring. She feels pleased and smiles brightly, but right at that moment Gee-woo asks her to lend him 300 million won. She slaps him on the cheek, cursing, throws down the ring and leaves.

Viewers poured out their expectations on the drama board, saying, “Like the director’s previous work, ‘The Slave Hunters,’ I have high hopes for spectacular, action-packed scenes,” “It’s novel and intriguing,” and “It’s a thrilling drama I’ve not seen for a long time.”

According to ratings agency TNmS, “The Fugitive” recorded 21.7 percent viewer ratings in the first episode and 17.3 percent in the second.

Writer: Sung Hyun-mi

SOURCE : http://english.kbs.co.kr/TVRadio/BehindtheDrama/view.html?No=673

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