10.06.10 [OST.] Fugitive Plan B Part 1

by kajima

Artist : Shin Seung -Hoon

@ Fugitive625 Youtube Channel

19 Comments to “10.06.10 [OST.] Fugitive Plan B Part 1”

  1. who sang it? i like the song!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @kaiima
    HELLO))))))))))))))))))) U their are u having your POPCRON READT for the epi 3 coming up soon
    and yes it him he OST this and also OST Love of Iris too i love his voice ahahahah

  3. your man chasing after my rain here runing runing 🙂

  4. Kijima LJJ so funny he took of his shoe eating so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  5. ahahah rain spy LNY & kai this so funny ahahha i like this !!

  6. @kaijima
    who are inlove their 3 man in this drama mind if i have all dellicious one rain most yummy :P)

  7. ahahahah rain SPEAK ENGLISH !! with Daneil

  8. GOOD PART staring here ahahahah rain just pass LJJ car

  9. Kongsao)))))

    can’t wait tomorrow ep.4

  10. kijima
    it END the good contiune tomorrow

  11. ahahahah sooooooooooooo cute
    ok dare i going to sleep i talk to tommorrow again nigh nihg !! )0ZZZZZZZZZ0^ ……. (^ZZZZZ&ZZZ) !!!!

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