10.06.10 [Update]Broadcasters in Taiwan and the Philippines have bought Fugitive rights

by kajima

Broadcasters in Taiwan and the Philippines have bought Fugitive rights

The Daily Hankook reported in their pages today that, not only will The Fugitive: Plan B be exported to the Philippines and Taiwan, but that those transactions have fetched the best show prices in history.

KBS Media, the affiliate in charge of KBS broadcasting and network sales overseas, is quoted as saying: “The Fugitive: Plan B includes gorgeous scenes that are rare even in movies and were filmed on location in Asian countries.  It includes a lot of material that satisfies Asian people, such as youthful love, action, and comedy.”

It is said that The Fugitive: Plan B and the show Mary Is Staying Out Overnight have both been sold at a higher price than either sensation Full House or Daejangkum, and that is pretty serious!  Rain’s Fugitive, in particular, has been sold at a price two times higher than the highest show in history to date.

SOURCE:http://cloudusa.wordpress.com/20 … ht-fugitive-rights/


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