10.05.10 [EngTrans] KBS TV Video for “The Fugitive”

by jax625

Video is here :



Rain : I’m shooting a scene for the prolog of the drama.

During this scene, I carry on clandestine activities, like spying.


Staff : Your pants elongate the leg. The pants used to be fitted you to perfection.

Rain : I’ve lost weight, and now my pants are loose on me.

Under these circumstances, my waist line has just enough space for one fist.

It is normal for me to have really lost a lot of weight because I have to run a lot as a character who has become a fugitive.

Everything is sort of dull, and there is nothing interesting at all. Pardon the expression.


Rain : Please take your seat, everybody, and keep fanning me!


The martial arts director is fanning Rain.


Brief translation by rain bird.


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