10.05.10 [Clip] FULL Official “The Fugitive: Plan B” MV

by jax625

source: ratoka // s1plan b @youtube


4 Comments to “10.05.10 [Clip] FULL Official “The Fugitive: Plan B” MV”

  1. Beautiful !! Just beautiful !!!

  2. ji woo is messing up with kai and jin yi….lol but i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ahahahah the song so beauitful !! and Gee-woo is such a joke but, a cute lovely man way i love how his attiuded in here yes i love it tonight epi 3 on don”t forget to watch !!

  4. Nice MV. Beautiful melody. DH’s handsomeness is electrifying. And of course Rain was exceptionally gorgeous and very goodlooking too. Lee Jung Jin is so manly, always unshaven in his character. He’s always been the clean cut type in his other portrayals that’s why it’s been difficult for me to relate him to his unshaven detective part in this series. Somehow I envision this series to have a sequel because the MV finished like there was a misunderstanding between the two main characters and they parted ways and there was a love triangle here. Oh I don’t know. I’m so mixed up. This is just my opinion.

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