10.02.10 New Pics of Rain & Lee Jung Jin Fugitive PlanB

by kajima

Credit to daum


3 Comments to “10.02.10 New Pics of Rain & Lee Jung Jin Fugitive PlanB”

  1. They’re like two kids fooling around with nothing to do. It’s good to see them enjoy each other’s company during their breaks. This is not a photoshoot, is it? What with their attires and all. They’re probably in between takes. They get along so well. Now I’m loving Lee Jung Jin even more because Rain and he are friends. But then I already like him in “I love you, don’t cry”.

  2. I just love these two guys together. It’s like finding your long-lost brother you never knew you had!

  3. Yes it seems Rain really found a new good friend in Lee Jung Jin coz of their collaboration in this drama and they do seem to get along well (quite the opposite of their characters in Fugitive hehe). From what I’ve seen of LJJ, he seems to be a really nice guy and is also very hardworking, like Rain…

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