10.02.10 [FanVid] BINGO!! Ji-woo Mania Mix

by jax625

credit: eye0rain @youtube


5 Comments to “10.02.10 [FanVid] BINGO!! Ji-woo Mania Mix”

  1. Just by his facial expressions, you already know what’s going on in that mind of his. He’s full of mischief in this series. I’m so loving it. What a comic. I can’t wait to watch it on KBS on Wed. Happy viewing everyone! !

  2. This is so cute…especially liked Rain’s signature grins–which is like A LOT in in drama! Now that we are slowly getting a picture of what Rain’s character is really like, can’t help but admire him more for making such a smart decision to play this offbeat character. Just like in his previous dramas, he really internalizes his character and makes it his own…

  3. That was a freakin’ awesome fan mv! I love the character JiWoo…he’s hilarious. Thank you and EXCELLENT job eye0rain! The business card scene and when he got frustrated with his PA/Secretary crack me up every single time! Loving this drama to pieces and I can’t even understand everything.

  4. i very enjoying the of rain in this drama he very have alot character in one time of acting esp when he see all thoes women pass by he get nagthy and harlious his lip and look ROFL make me have a cum on my stomach as hell.
    Ji-Woo which called in Gee-woo that was one of the name that i very love it ssound so good on in this drama however nerverless rain vey bring alot attrativeness to asia wilde who are watching this drama i pretty sure rating and series well be as very good that something new of rain experince that i have not see in him much differenly a a versatiles actor ever and he is every PRICELESS in this dram included of the acting fighthing part to it must watch over and over the fact how they put Mblaq OST in their dam it so good to watch Fugitive i so die to paer 3 next wednsday 🙂

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